Sunday, August 5, 2007

Slovenian indie rock

Does it exist at all? Until yesterday I was pretty sure it doesn't and it is all just presumptuous self-definition of some young pop rock band. So I went there and was glad to find out I was totally wrong. Boys were fantastic.

We can't sleep at night indeed is young slovenian indie rock band and a good one too. Their raw rock music reflects the influence of The Doors and flirts a little bit with Arctic Monkeys.

Photo source: We can't sleep at night

Nevertheless four boys (three guitars, drums and occasionally synthesizer) surely know how to give the audience pure rock energy. Even though it's hard to understand what they are singing about, they show great potential. But really, please do make your website is a bit more user and SEO friendly plus put some lyrics on.

Luckily they are also on MySpace. I hope I will hear more from them soon and I am really really glad to see indie is possible also in Slovenia.

Rock on boys!


pina said...

Jp, so kar kul, sem jih že ene dvakrat uspela ujeti v živo.

Cherry said...

Vsekakor upam, da bodo še kje nastopali in da ne bodo (po statističnem vzrocu bendov) prekmalu razpadli :)

Idioteque said...

Webmasterja je ganilo, ko je videl tale poziv in se je zavezal, da se bo v roku enega mesca lotil strani:)

Cherry said...

hehe, fajn =)

Mene pa je ganil info, da bodo v roku 3 mesecev izdali album. Can't wait...

Čeprav bi jih rada že zdaj rolala na kakem žuru.