Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good, Better, Sziget 2009

Sziget proved again to be my favorite festival. Excellent camping spot in a beautiful and gigantic park (island), insanely diverse cultural/other happening AND superb concerts. What's not to like? Plus I got to go there for free thanks to my DJ friend Luk@May.

This years main theme of the festival were animals. Inflatable and furry animal toys, animal costumes, tents in the shape of animals and of course the beasts that come out of people after a bottle or two of vodka. Very primal, very zoo-otic.

It was literally impossible to go to all or even most the concerts and performances that were happening, so I choose only the ones I really wanted to see.

  • I am X,
  • Editors,
  • Bloc party,
  • Primal Scream,
  • Klaxons,
  • Fat Boy Slim.
  • Pendulum
Cultural happening:
  • Performance show in Magic Mirror,
  • Dance and theatre show with gigantic wheel.
A slight dissapointment:
  • The Prodigy,
  • The Ting Tings.
Too bad I missed the White Lies AGAIN, because they were performing in an owercrowded tent. I think it's time to finally recognise their potential and put them on the main stage. Seriously.

As it is for the rest: It's been almost a week and I am still recovering from everything. If you are bored there, it's probably your own fault.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Urban adrenalin sports

I used to think adrenalin sports are quite exciting. Bungee and parachute jumping were on my teenage "to do before I die" list. Now they are on the top of "to do if I want to die" list. Not because I wouldn't like adrenalin sports, but because I'm already doing too many as it is. Like walking through the city.

Being a complete bookworm, I own lots of books. So many that I still didn't manage to read even half of them. Naturally that doesn't stop me from buying new ones. So every time I see a bookstore, I have a two level adrenaline experience: passing and entering.

Entering usually includes complex dilemmas such as: do I really need it, can I afford it, should I wait for few more days... Most of the times they are solved by a swing of my credit card. There's probably no need to describe the "excitement" when the money is actually taken from my account. What goes for books, goes also for movies and CDs, except I actually get to see and listen to most of them.

My other daily intake of adrenaline is provided by biking through the city. It's quite amazing how it resembles the ride on a train of death in the amusement parks:
  • disorientated pedestrians, randomly apprearing from nowhere,
  • overwhelmed supermans on bikes, rollerblades and motorcycles, imitating the speed of light,
  • drivers paying more attention to their phones and make up than to the road,
  • cars, parked on the cycling tracks with drivers opening the doors only a second before the biker appears,
  • people, throwing stuff outta windows.
Need I say more?

So I don't really need to do any extra adrenalin sports, because living in a capital provides me with all the adrenalin I'll ever need.