Thursday, July 29, 2010

I heart rain

I love the weather just before the storm. It feels like my mind shortly before writing.

I love the sky before after and during the rain. It shows the most amazing colors and reminds me how wonderful life actually is when you manage to seize this moment. Now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

When it walks like a duck...

There's a certain lady with way too much time to kill and access to the internet so yes, naturally she concluded that:
"Fascism is better than socialism cause it gives more opportunities for communiaction."

Hm, let me see....Begging for your life, saying goodbye to your loved ones just before you're taken away to the concentration camp in the middle of the night, asking for food and dignity... Yeah, lots of communication going on there.

Since sometimes it's better to let the music speak, here it is - for you Dajana:

p.s. I hope you really do get a little kick out of being small-minded. Otherwise it is just a huge waste of bytes.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

I want my money back!

Dear Jack & Jones,

Less than two months ago I bought my first pair of Jack & Jones jeans. Unfortunately it will be also the last one. It has one of those "washed out" looks and I appreciate the thoroughness of "looks old" style, but I really didn't expect it to also act old.

Now, jeans and me have a long and loving history which is why I like to buy it in the range from "not cheap" to "rather expensive". And of course there are things I do and don't expect from it: I don't expect it to turn into a unicorn or write my articles, but I do expect it to last longer than two months! My almost new pair od Jack & Jones now looks worse than my 5 years old pair of Levi's. See for yourself:

If I wear them every day they should last at least 1 year. I know you probably spend a lots of time researching the habits of your target groups and yes, latest studies do show that young people spend a lot of time online. However that is not all we are doing.

I expect the stitches to be strong enough to survive random activities like riding a bike, catching a bus and occasional partying. Would be nice to know that clothes for young people are not made only for sitting in bars.

I think I'm being quite reasonable about my expectations. You see...I already have many pairs of old jeans that are falling apart. This is actually the reason why I bought new ones. 

yours sincerely...
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Friday, July 16, 2010

OMG, ick kann Deutsch sprechen!

Ja, jetz kann ich Deutsch viiiiieeeeel besser sprechen als früher. Echt! Danke BSI!


Aber keine sorge, schreibe ich leider am Englisch :).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Villagers & Here we go magic in Berlin

Checking out new indie bands became my new summer sport (apart from repairing my bike). This time I bought tickets for Here we go Magic, indie band from New York. It is fair to say the band is not inventing new kind of music, nevertheless it is performing a crossover indie extremely well. Untamed raw guitare sounds are sometimes very soft and gentle and the other times hardcore, almost old school rock like. So yes, definitely 12 EUR well spent.

But this time something quite strage happened. It was not the main band that impressed me so much, but their support act - The Villagers. Actually it was only the frontmen Conor J. O'Brien performing but OMG, what a voice! Clear, strong and melanholic in that indie kinda way, topped up with quality lyrics that left me speachless. Apparently he described his lyrics as:
"transcendental darkness and the weirdness...Dark imagery or feelings alongside really mundane domestic everyday things".

Yes, I bought the CD and yes, will definitely go and see the next show. I think the music did for me what John Mayer did for some of my female friends. However, I do think Conor O'Brien is entirely different story than John Mayer and probably less of a cunt too :)
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