Thursday, February 28, 2008


Almost every website has their FAQ's but only few make use of them. Many websites just have their FAQ's for the sake of having them. Now I'm sure people are thirsty for knowledge but are you sure they want to know everything from how you've started to how many animals Noe had on his Arc? When the number of your FAQ's rises above thirty, consider establishing a call help center.

Still some obviously assume their readers are complete idiots who go to FAQ page because they want to spend a lot of time reading about nothing. So don't you "click here" me if you want to keep my attention for more than 5 seconds.

In a blink of a second will get from frequently asked to fucking annoying. And that's not only on the internet! I'm certain we all have our FAQ's - questions we hear often but don't really want to. Sure, first you are trying to be polite and answer them, but as they keep on popping up you get slightly annoyed and less prepared to say anything more than: "Well, yeah, whatever. So what about that weather?" Of course some people will not stop at and it's very likely that their FAQ search end up with sentences like "Your momma!"

So far I've collected quite a few of FAQ's but I'm only giving you the top three:
  1. You don't eat meat? What do you eat then?
  2. You really think you're helping out anyone with recycling?
  3. How come you're still single?

So what are your FAQ's?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


...promotes hate through fear and so does she: Dajana and her reptiles "normal" families.

What to say about it? It's already been said:

"Why is it that as a culture we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns then holding hands?" (Ernest J. Gaines)

"You say it best, when you say nothing at all."
(Ronan Keating)

photo source

Saturday, February 23, 2008


True, I have been neglecting my wired life lately as Truefaith noticed a couple of times but all for a good reason. My pet hamster got a company of two young rats Thelma & Louise. You probably know how modern women are like - all they want to do is travel around on their own freely and unattached. So Thelma took a hike and left Louise all alone.

So now we're all trying to bring Thelma back home safely, before she eats rearranges the furniture according to her taste. Louise is waiting for her friend quite impatiently.

Keep your fingers crossed that they will soon be reunited

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Festival mania

The festival mania has officially started: line-ups are out for Rock Im Park and Nova Rock 2008.

Rage against the machine are together and touring again! Get 'em while they're hot!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pet artwork

My hamster appears to have a good taste in clothes.
Hm....maybe he's trying to tell me something...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Man Tate

Another great indie band Little Man Tate started their carrier in Sheffield, UK. Their recognition and success was partly resulted from having large internet fan support. Even though they exist for three years already, they've somehow managed to hide from me for a long time.Not too successfully though as it was almost love at first sight note. They sound a bit like Libertines, don't they?

Little Man Tate:House Party At Boothy's

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to use public transport and survive

One thing that it's safe to say about Slovenian public transport is that it's nothing like German or Dutch. You can't rely on it, it's rarely on time and if you miss it you could be waiting for hours before another bus/trains arrives. So I guess there's no need to explain why people avoid using it, despite the ecological issues.

So it's pretty much love and hate relationship where love mostly refers to situations between 3 and 5 a.m. - a time when city bus is a true superhero of intoxicated party nation.

Don't let the simplicity of use fool you, public transport can harm your health - mental health that is. So you shouldn't use it unless you're fully equipped. For shorter rides you'll do fine only with:
  • An mp3 player, dwarf hamster, Babel fish or any other device that will protect your from overhearing teenage morning gossip wisdoms, random phone conversation of people with no feeling for loudness and music of people with no taste.
  • The look - you'll need to get one ASAP as it will protect you from having to talk to random people. You'll learn to appreciate The look especially in the mornings, when you're still high on melatonin. To get the look just imagine you're being picked up by a fat hairy man with a beer breath, whos only association connected to shower is golden. Hold it right there! Yes, that's exactly the look.
However for longer rides, you'll also need:
  • A bag which you will use as a shield. As you will notice different people have different understanding of familiar strangers. E.g. some will want to get more familiar with you by invading you with their groceries. Other will want you to get familiar with their unique body odor.
  • A book - good thing to keep you occupied in that priceless: "Do not disturb, I'm reading" mood. Do not mistaken it with a newspaper or a magazine - people consider those as a an invitation to stare across your shoulder.
  • Balance - you'll need it to keep your feet on the ground in the curves. I've got absolutely no tips on how to get it but I've got quite a few on how to loose it.
  • A theme song - it'll shorten and enlighten your public transport user experience so it better not be a ballad. If you can't think of any good theme song use a tested one - it's the best I've heard so far.
So here's to many exciting public transport experiences and do share your horror stories with your fellow bloggers. We know how to appreciate it.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Today was absolutely the longest Monday in the past few years.

I need to Breathe:

, a French electro group is what I call "instant meditation" or immediate ear balsam. Only two albums, but absolutely a MUST HAVE. Genetic World was made if cooperation with famous artists like Peaches and Iggy Pop. The second one - Angel milk I still have to buy. I want originals - they're absolutely worth it. Well, if you want to get unplugged that is.

Kill that Monday already!