Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cherry on the top

Yes I was and it was fantastic! Going to the mountains when you want to really is relaxing (in oppose to when you "have" to go there). New shoes left me with minimum collateral damage and my muscles waited two days before started to feeling sore. How very considerate :)

For the first time in my life I really used smart packing and didn't say one single swear word all the way to the top. It could be considered as Guinness record. The seven lakes of Triglav really are wonderful tour to take, even though we never saw all the lakes. The landscape was so damn beautiful I took more photos than Japanese tourists.

I'm really excited about it I can't wait to mountain hiking again. Yeah I know I surprise myself too. Next year we are planning to climb the highest Slovenian mountain, get spanked on the top and take a swim in Bohinj lake on the way back. I think I found a new hobby (to add to my existing 10000000 ones).

Enjoy the impressions:


Dinozaver said...

You call such extensive nail polish wear "minimum collateral damage"? This must hurt as hell... :)

Cherry said...

there's a really tiny blister on my thumb (next to the extensice nail polish) :)

LotosovCvet said...

iiiii, sem upala da boš dala fotke gor... Jezera imajo posebno, lepo barvo...



petra said...

Hude fotke:)....hvala k mi še ena dela skomine;)

Cherry said...

Tam je bilo še lepše, skoraj nebeško.

Jah punci, ni druge, naslednjič bo treba it zraven ;)

nekje drugje said...

I used to have a friend who was collecting spanking sessions like mad. He climbed Triglav to be spanked (and not, he claimed, to be "true Slovenian"). He was spanked at the end of the secondary school (the Maritime one in Piran) and then again when he crossed the Equator on his first major journey. Few months later he crossed the Equator with a different company and found himself lying that it was his first time - just to be spanked AGAIN. I mean, such application! Is it contagious? Or is it just plain, old-fashioned masochism? ;)

Cherry said...

HAHAHAHA! So maybe some people are travelling around the world and climbing the mountains just because of spanking.

He probably brings the spanker with him, just in case, huh :)?

Not a bad idea though ;)

August 30, 2007 9:36 AM