Friday, June 29, 2007

Soul food

It's amazing how I can still get the same feeling from this song eventhough I've heared it far too many times.

Tomorrow is a big day so today only the best for my ears. Enjoy.

Lucky seven

I got an invitation I couldn't resist. Twice actually - hope it doesn't get into my head. I am not sure who was the first initiator of this blog chain, since it is now all over the web. I really prefer blog chains to email or mobile chains since they are much less annoying. Seven angels? But seriously.

Here is seven truths about myself:
  1. I am addicted to music, whether listening, playing or dancing to it. It is my stress relief, pain killer and therapy at the same time. I love everything from rock to metal but have some difficulties in listening Slovenian popular music. Turbo folk is pretty much the only no-way for me.

  2. Although I absolutely adore animals they don't seem to always feel the same way about me. As a child I was attacked by cocks and turkeys. Maybe that's why I went vegetarian ;) But didn't stop there, o no. I was bitten IN MY LIPS by a cute little dog on my final trip of the faculty. Got five stitches and my lips looked like Pamela Anderson's for few days. Advice: don't go around petting or kissing random dogs while being drunk - they don't appreciate it.

  3. I talk in my sleep.

  4. I am a total book worm and books remain my first love of all times. Spent half of my childhood in libraries and seriously considered working in one too. The only problem is you don't get to read a lot while working in the library. Even though my study books are patiently waiting for me I always take time to read some fiction. My favorite fiction reader would definitely be Douglas Adams. He was a genius.

  5. I don't comb my hair. I consider it to be a loss of time.

  6. I don't wear high heels. I finished that period after my High school together with bad 80's fashion trends. Once you switch to dr. Martens...Well, you just don't go back.

  7. Once I almost wasn't allowed to go on the plane because of my new vibrator. It was in my hand luggage and obviously not very innocent looking piece too. The "officer lady" examined it carefully and decided it probably can't cause much pain or damage so she let me in. I seriously suspected she actually liked it and just wanted to check the brand. Well I still have it and it works. Works great actually.
But enough about me, let's talk about you now :) I'd like to see these seven people to continue the chain and write 7 random truths about themselves:

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Occasionally something or somebody reminds me of the good old but almost forgotten totally gay 80's music. Then miraculously it comes back to me like a bad smoking habit. As teenager I got quite excited about Erasure, Pet Shop boys, Tears for fears and Depeche mode.

Well, obviously I still am cause lately I've been listening this song over and over again. I guess it makes me feel....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hooked on reality

Now generally I don't enjoy watching reality shows and try to avoid them if only possible, It shouldn't be too difficult anyway since I don't even have a TV).

By now I managed to avoid both seasons of Bar (allright, I admit i saw 3 episodes of the first season) and Big brother. But got totally hooked on American next topmodel.

How on earth could that ever happen since:
  • I could care less about latest fashion trends,
  • I don't care about super models,
  • I don't really like Tyra Banks.
How about because of illegally cute Kim Stolz. She's absolutely gorgeous even though she doesn't win the 5th season. I'd vote her back in any time.

And YES, I do bug people on Saturdays to let me see few more episodes. Goddamn reality shows really get you hooked....

Photo source: Google search

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saved by the TV

These days TV set is absolutely one of the most essential and necessary assets. It also presents:
  • the most popular thing to take on a deserted island,
  • the most common form of family entertainment,
  • the home of Teletubbies.
Lack of TV can cause rise of serious family problems, severe evening boredom syndrome or taking interest in bizarre hobbies. TV is vital source of information especially in critical situation such as:
  • alien attacks,
  • random politics,
  • boredom,
  • lack of social life and
  • various types of accidents/disasters.
The importance of TV is additionally proved by instructions on: "Signs for alarming in cases of natural and other* catastrophes" which clearly indicates that people without TV will probably not survive a major disaster. Feeling lucky?

Alarm instructions

* Other catastrophes include lack of beer, MTV fashion, turbo folk music and eating German food for more than 3 days.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's celebrate

Today is the first official summer day. I feel like I must celebrate all the upcoming cocktails, sex on beaches, good parties and siesta mood. New Order sound just perfect for the occasion - new season, new order, plus I absolutely adore them. Any excuse for celebration is better than none.

Cherry Summer special: Mix some of the groovy 80's sounds, a bit of Depeche mode feeling, some indie brit rock and dark electro. Voila!

Come and taste it on 30th of June.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sissy for Sigur Ros

I know a lot of people goes totally ballistic for Sigur Ros and some of my friends said they would: "Pay serious money to hear this shit live." Now I really like most of the music (turbofolk not included) but somehow I am not particulary excited about this instrumental kinda moaning.

I find it a bit too slow, too mellow, too soft and well... boring. I might like it though under certain circumstances (taking soft drugs or trying to reach the alpha state). There is none of my favorite music elements: loud guitars, drums and and lots of bass. I am a succer for rock, I know... Nevertheless it sounds like perfect background music for meditation.

And no matter what official definitions say: Sigur Ros is nothing like Björk!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honey, I'm home!

Her name is Wendy and she's my new honey, specialized in dirty laundry. My dirty laundry - to be more specific. She obviously can't enough and never complains either.

Plus, she's really nett, always in time, quite undemanding and gives me exactly what I expect of her. Now how cool is that ;)?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

So called relationships

Online Dating with MySpace and Facebook

This one reminds me a lot on my "could have been" on line relationship. Not sure whether it's funny or sad...

It's obviously an issue

Monday, June 11, 2007

Quick keys

Sometimes I find myself thinking like a computer. Not in the "I occasionally crash down and need anti virus program" kinda thing but more in the way of functionalities. For example how cool would it be if I could apply some quick keys to random life - like Replace (Ctrl + H).

Just think about it - you could easily replace all the "wasted bullshit" conversations with some useful knowledge. Like latest celebrity gossip, squirrel fishing tips or fresh ideas to spice up your love life. No more wining over screaming out the wrong name during sex and slaps over bad pick up lines.

Not to mention how much easier it would be to change bad fashion taste, drunken confessions or your lover's opinion about your driving.

It would be phenomenal if I could occasionally replace the - almost tastes like beer drinks with the real thing. But unfortunately we can only replace cash for just about everything else possibe.

Monday, June 4, 2007

It's alive!

Finally - my own blog and the first post to pop it's cherry.

I know, it's a late comer, but better late than never.