Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today I found out I am invisible. But only while I'm riding my bike.

As I want to stay in shape for my trip to the mountains, I decided to ride my bike as much as possible. Well, not as much as Pina but still wanted to make an effort. Even if it rains. So I went to the store in the other part of the city. Yeah with my bike.

On my way back I suddenly realized nobody sees me: not the car drivers, not pedestrians nor even a mother with her two kids while they were trying to get in the car. On the cycling track. Lovely.

Not to mention it was kinda hard ringing the bell and avoiding the traffic while trying to hold on to my bike with one and umbrella with the other hand. I might reconsider joining the circus.

And for the record: looking left and right is still quite fashionable, not to mention life-saving.


LotosovCvet said...

"I might reconsider joining the circus" -> poizkusi, mogoče ti bo pa všeč. :)))
Sicer pa približno vem o čem pišeš. Meni je recimo v Lj ali Mb-ju zoprno it čez zebro, če ni semaforja, ker enostavno nisem preprična ali me šofer vidi, ali bo sploh ustavil, če se poženem čez ali bo kar peljal, kot da sem nevidna...


Cherry said...

Mnja, res je mal težava če nimaš avta.

Sicer pa je danes mnogo bolje. Trije so se mi celo ustavili pred kolesarsko in počakali, da bi šla mimo.

Od čistega presenečenja sem jih kar zaobkrožila