Monday, December 31, 2007

D.I.Y. 2008

No public resolution, no promises, no regrets, only D.I.Y. kit: Take your chances and make some changes.

Unless you liked 2007 sooooo much you want 2008 to be exactly the same.

David Bowie: Changes

Sunday, December 30, 2007


When I was a kid I'd associate bones with dogs and He-man & The Masters of the Universe (loved this cartoon and adored Flash Gordon). Skeletor was excellent antagonist but quite scary too.

My next bigger bones encounter was connected with Clarissa Pincola Estes and her book: Women Who Run with the Wolves. She put skeletons and bones in to completely different perspective: more profound, symbolic and therapeutic. I never finished reading the book though, just couldn't chew on her elaboration of really cruel experiment with dogs. But bones wouldn't go away only to show another, much more sincere, decadent yet melodic side. Not once, not twice but three times. Here's my favorite melodic bones threesome:

1. Depeche mode: Stripped

When I first heard Stripped, I was astonished: "Let me hear you make decisions without your television"... Bones never sounded so sexy before: "Let me see you stripped down to the bones." It's still one of my favorite songs, whether in original or Rammstein remake version.

2. The Killers: Bones

Then there were The Killers- their first album was a blast, a second one was a slight disappointment and the third one - well I guess they ran out of new material so they republished their previous stuff and made some remakes. I still love the band and their work but can't help hoping they'll take more time to make their next album. I'd love to hear more of the new stuff - however this piece still is a pearl: "But I don’t really like you, apologetically dressed, in the best put on the heartbeat line..."

3. The Editors: Bones

The last but not the least are Editors, indie band from Birmingham who managed to live up to the expectations. Most of the bends who make a boom with their first album rarely succeed to repeat that success with the second one.

But they managed that - their second album "An end has a start" is just as good if not even better as their first one: "In the Back Room". I have to see them live and the rumors say they might come to Slovenia in March. Please do, cause I'm dying to hear this live:
"In the end all you can hope for
Is the love you felt to equal the pain you've gone through..."

Friday, December 28, 2007


Yesterday part of humanity died with her. Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan's former Primer Minister and one of the few leading female politicians was murdered. more...

I'm sure there is a good reason for everything I just fail to see one in her assassination. May she rest in peace.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

Jimi Hendrix

Photo source.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Underground in Ljubljana?

You bet! And not just any kind but the best kind. The one that promises wild parties, good music and Saturday night fever.

Today is official opening of Subsub, a club that could bring back the glory of good old days when you didn't have to cruise through all the city to find a club that played acceptable music for reasonable price and wasn't crowded with high school kids.

Today they'll treat us with some hot Dubstep grooves which should satisfy the biggest hunger for beats.

Going downtown?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Love or lust?

Probably both. I've found few new products to spend my money on - the only problem now is to decide what will come first.

The "Fusion"TM Messenger Bag

Ecostrip power strip

or SolarRoll

Can't help it - I'm such a green gadget slut!

See more of cool green gadgets - via Digg

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Merry December at its best. I've hardly recovered from yesterday's party (which turned out great) and already I am looking forward to another one.

It's happening this Friday, 21st December at MKC Medvode. We start at 20:00 with an artistic video performance from Zvonka Simčič which will be followed by concert of Uluru, who promise to show us the dark side of the spoon.

Afterwards there'll be some quality party time where Djane Sladka and me will treat you with delicious indie, funky and electronic tunes. I suppose Joy Division, Bloc Party, Editors, Depeche mode, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys will be perfect for an appetizer. Wonder what main course will look like? Well come and join us then.

No entrance fee, lots of booze.

How to get there

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hang the DJ!

I wasn't panicking, I was freaking out. I dunno why I said yes but now it's too late to change my mind. Deejaying on very commercial queer party it is. My first, my last but most certainly not my everything.

Playing commercial music? Hell will freeze over before I'll ever play any of Timberlake, Spears, Lopez, Simpson or look a likes. The playlist is prepared and full of 60's - 80's candies. I will survive - collateral ego damage included. I guess, it's a Chain reaction.

Thanks Sladka for reminding me of The Smiths - it's keeping me sane past few days and Maabee for yesterdays session.

The Smiths - Panic:

Panic on the streets of London
Panic on the streets of Birmingham
I wonder to myself
Could life ever be sane again ?
The Leeds side-streets that you slip down
I wonder to myself
Hopes may rise on the Grasmere
But Honey Pie, you're not safe here
So you run down
To the safety of the town
But there's Panic on the streets of Carlisle
Dublin, Dundee, Humberside
I wonder to myself

Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music they constantly play

On the Leeds side-streets that you slip down
Provincial towns you jog 'round
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ

Monday, December 10, 2007

Beer, chocolate and disorder

This weekend I visited the country of beer, chocolate and ...well, apparently also anarchy. Belgium has put an end to the "Belgium consensus" by being unable to establish government since their elections in June. The division of the country and the distribution of social welfare seems to be the problem and Belgium's who want to keep it as it is show their support by hanging the flag.

But enough about the government, Brussels is an excellent place for shopping. Please note that shopping wasn't one of my original plans but my friend made it almost impossible to avoid. After warning him I might need some control in Ikea, he'd instantly put my mind at ease: "Don't worry about not being able to bring back stuff you buy 'cause I'm coming to Ljubljana in two weeks and I can bring it to you then."

Well, that's not really the control I had in mind but why argue, the shopping master has spoken. Too many stores had my name written all over them and I'm lucky to have left my credit card at home. We had to stop for a bio snack to be able to continue the shopping adventure.

The only disappointment was to discover there are no lesbian bar in Brussels. Outrageous! The only one that was mentioned was open on Wednesdays. Party on Wednesday? But seriously. Nevertheless I had great time and will go back for sure. After all they do have about 300 hundred brands of beer I haven't tried out yet ;)

Morning view from the balcony

Evening view from the balcony

My bed for the weekend

Next stop: Berlin.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What really happened?

You might have noticed this abandoned bike in the center of the city, relaxing itself and minding its own business.

Luckily the humans passing by are sticking their noses where they don't have to. So what's the story behind the bike? Why don't you tell me what really happened:

Story No 1:
Bike was luckily married and lived in a big house at the suburbs. So did his sexy and single neighbor. Since his wife was away most of the time, the Bike enjoyed coffee time with the vicious neighbor. It wasn't long before their communication got a Biblical note and they figured out that having so much coffee is not really healthy while having sex stimulates the blood circulation. And staying healthy is important indeed. But then one day the wife came home earlier than expected and found her husband playing naughty with the neighbor. Still in shock she screamed: "Jack, I can't believe you're cheating on me with my husband! " Naturally she kicked him out and since then he is living on the streets.

Story No 2:
Bike is originally from India and is traveling around the world, searching for the meaning of life. First he tried to find it in Poland by talking to random folk but got wasted with Zubrowka instead. He woke up in a train to Spain with a heavy hang over hugging half naked prostitute. He continued his quest in Alicante where he was picked by a group of backpackers, doing a research on European night life. And boy did they research.
After few days of intense work the bike still didn't find the meaning of life. However he could name 50 all the best night clubs in Spain. Eager to find what he was looking for he flew to Australia to live with Aborigines. He spent few months with them but was unable to understand a word they were saying, so he took off. Finally he decided to visit a totally unknown country he knew nothing about and ended up in Slovenia. He didn't understand the language nor the culture so he decided to meditate until he finds what we is looking for.

Story No 3:
The bike is actually undercover CIA agent, looking deeply into secrets of everyday life. Her task is to find the key to Slovenian success, being able to keep their country a secret. Originally CI wanted to discover the disappearance of quite few foreign intellectuals. After tagging the phones and reading confidential documents they found out all the intellectuals had something in common: they visited this small European country that nobody new existed. First visit was usually fatal and they'd all eventually move there.
Bike couldn't decide whether this slovenian secret weapon was hidden in the gorgeous girls, breath taking landscape, the strange language they are speaking or the home made fruit liquor that brought instant happiness to everyone. After few years of investigation Bike decided she needed some more time to make the final conclusion. The time has passed and soon CIA lost contact with their agent. They closed the investigation and proclaimed Slovenia European Bermuda triangle Europe. And the Bike? Well, I guess she's still investigating...

Monday, December 3, 2007


Betty thinks I'm obsessed but Jota and me know it's only passion. I'm seriously considering playing the Killers version of Shadowplay on quite commercially orientated party next weekend. I can already see the grumpy man freaking out and asking for another DJ.

Still I'm quite tempted. Should I?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Welcome to America

Guess what I found on the lighter I bought recently? Instructions on how to use it:
  1. Step one -touch it from above,
  2. Step two - push it down.
Which brings a couple of rhetorical questions to my mind: Do people who wouldn't know how to use it actually exist and if so wouldn't they be able to figure it out in like 15 seconds? Next thing you know we'll be having "Don't iron clothes while wearing them" and "You shouldnt' microwave your cat" warning signs.

Like I hear they have in America. If we're lucky maybe they'll treat us with instructions on how to use a bag of chips or a bottle of oil. Don't use oil for hamster bathing. Open the bag before you eat the chips. Do not mix chips with the cleaning products. Don't use it instead of contact lenses.

Why not simplify the whole procedure and just make a general sign to apply on every possible thing we can think off. Something like:

Think before using this. Not stupid proof.