Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seaside nostalgia

Hi. My name is Cherry, I am workaholic and I survived my vacation without any work. After years of "working" vacation (which are not real vacation but more or less work at nicer places) I decided it is time to take a break. No festivals, no seminars, no writing articles or reviews. I must admit I'm pretty proud that I haven't lost my ability to do nothing. It's still here, for sure.

Few days on the seaside with my band was just what I wanted. I didn't plan much, actually I didn't plan at all. And you know what? It was liberating!

We got a lot of sleep, card and drinking games, turtle visitor, swim and the night life. Plus I got to read two books I really wanted (yes I am bookaholic and prefer to stay that way). I'd go back in a second but I guess waiting for a year will have to do. I miss the seaside a lot. Obviously so does Devon.

Here's some taste of it



Night life:

Yes, we had to:

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