Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just be

In 2008 I took my own advice and made some changes. The result is fun, exciting and extremely creative year and I wouldn't change a thing.

So now what? The plan is to continue to be myself, have fun and do what I love most. And I couldn't share my life with fun, easy going, caring and creative people, if one of them wasn't me =).

Yup, "Life's not worth a dam till you can shout out I am what I am!"

Happy new year!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

120 Days

I found out about 12o Days while randomly surfing around for some new indie music. To me they sound very much like a modern mixture of Placebo and Joy Division and are there a must for my shopping list.

The Norwegian band consists of four people (whose names I cannot pronounce properly):
  • Jonas Dahl,
  • Arne Kvalvik,
  • Kjetil Ovesen, and
  • Ådne Meisfjord .
The band was formed in 2001 under name "The Beautiful People" - apparently they felt the name was a bit too ambitious so they changed it to 120 Days :). After two EP's they signed up to new record company - Norwegian independent label Smalltown Supersound.

The band is now working on the new material which will be followed by a tour - hopefully somewhere close :hint hint:

120 Days : Get away (nevermind the lame slide show)

120 Days: So this is suicide

120 Days: C-Musik

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Once again the international film festival Liffe was taking place but this year I was somewhat less impressed with the program than usually. Anyway, I made my selection of movies due to my usual criteria:
  • the plot: if it sounds boring then what's the use?
  • the nationality: yes i do discriminate in favor of Northern European, Czech and Asian movies and will probably see them even if the plot seems a bit too plain.
  • the genre: strongly prefer dramas, extravagant movies, science fiction and dark comedies (the darker, the better).
Achilles to kame: Interesting and humorous story yet a bit too long for slightly disappointing ending. The text interventions in between different parts of the movie were completely redundant, breaking one of the main rules (text shouldn't repeat what is already said by the picture). Yet the crazy plot and interesting happening still deserves a 7.5.

Boy A - A stunning drama, unbelievably strong and touching story that got me from the very first minute (I cried like a baby). Excellent screenplay supported by skillful directing and outstanding acting of Andrew Garfield uncovers unforgiving side of the society. An absolute 10 and will definitely go to see it again.

Valu: Fresh comedy presenting chase of the supposedly dangerous wild bull in a small Indian village. It was nice to see a non-Bollywood movie with a specific kind of humor that doesn't always travel. Great refreshement that definitely deserves an 8.5.

Deti noci: I didn't like the script and even the good directing couldn't take away the bad taste of insufficient development of the main character. Of course the three "small breaks" we had to have due to the projector breakdown did kinda ruin the feeling but not as much as some girls discussing what might happen next. Could have easily lived without knowing that. I'd give it a 6.

Aruitemo aruitemo: An interesting drama about family ties and it's buried secrets, spiced up with that little touch of Japan. I loved the dialogues and subtle unspoken hints for the audience to wonder about. Solid movie that deserves a 9.

Kunsten å tenke negativt: Absolutely brilliant dark comedy served exactly the way I like them. That northern European humor surely has a very specific appeal and a way to tell the story. Bizarre, funny, entertaining. A definite 10 and a note to myself to get it on DVD.

Liffe is ending today and I'm already looking forward to see the movies I skipped during the festival. Overall impression - quite good =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wanted @ Ihanstok

Yes, I'm with the band again and today we are peforming on the Ihanstok festival (a kind of slovenian version of Woodstock, only much smaller and shorter).

So if you have nothing to do today and you're up for some pop, rock, progressive and dark rock, Ihanstok is definitely a place to go.

We will be the first to peform at 20:00, following by some other Slovenian bands: Iscream, NKKR, World:Within and Nikki Louder.

Check it out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

NON Band

Every now and then Myspace turns out to be actually quite useful tool for discovering cool Slovenian bands.

I've never heard about NON before but after listening to music on their Myspace profile it was almost love at first sight.

It is kinda electronic mixture of Depeche mode and Interpol. Their dark synthetic melodies are quite catchy too. Darkish. Naughty. Sexy.

So who are they anyway? According to their webpage NON consists of four guys who already did their share of touring abroad:
  • Boštjan Brcar - synt
  • Damjan Ćosić - bass
  • Gregor Vrečar – drums, percussion
  • Matjaž Moraus Zdešar – vocal, guitar, programming
When I asked them if they could send me some of their stuff I expected a CD with few songs. Well, I got their debut album: Not everything is made in china which btw has a really good potential to become one of my all favorite albums.

You can check them out live this Saturday @ AKD Izbruh in Kranj.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

The bag theory

Being more or less a typical woman I own my share of bags. Yes, I know how hard it is to resist buying a new one when you know you don't really need it. But it looks so great! And even though it's very similar to one or two of your other bags, you don't have that exact model yet. Shallow? Yes. Irrational? Very much so. Satisfying? Absolutely!

But I've realized that eventually you get used to a specific type of bags. So even though this new one has more pockets and my stuff should therefore be more organized and easier to find, that is not always the case. In fact my stuff ends up even messier than usually.

The problem of the bags with many pocket is quite similar to the problem with big bags:
  • I don't always put things where I predict I would
  • in order to find something I need to open all of the goddamn pockets or even repeat that procedure a couple of times
  • I'm never sure whether I lost my phone or just displaced it in one of the overstuffed pockets
  • when I'm looking for my Ipod or a pencil, I would need a flashlight to find it (a phone would do, but to find it...)
  • whenever I want to take my notebook with me I have to use my other bag.
So what can I do? My rational sense tells me to become more organized and remember which pocket I use for what. But my gut tells me to get the hell to the store and buy a medium size bag with two pockets which has proved to be the most suitable for my needs. Oh well, you just gotta love the trivial dilemmas of the modern world =).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What: Concert SLADKA: "Jezikavi disko"

Sladka is a project of Katarina Višnar (former band member of Uluru and Brain'n' Bubizz) focused on disco rhythems, pop melodies, funky guitars and naughty lyrics.

  • Katarina - electric quitar, rhythem, vocal
  • Tina - vocal
  • Veronika - vocal
  • Zvonka - vocal & Kaoss Pad

When: 6th November @ 22:00

Where: Klub Gromka, Metelkova

After: Djane Cherry (moi) & Djane Najky

Come & join us!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Positive vibrations

Disclaimer: This is one of those post that are written in deliriously happy state of mind. I strongly advise you to reconsider reading it if you already had your daily dosage of sugar rush.

I have been neglecting a part of my online life but all for a very good reason. The creative itch has kicked in and I finally started stratching. It is weird and exciting at the same time how everything falls into place once you smash down the ugly head of "must do" activities and start to do all the fun stuff you always wanted but just couldn't wouldn't find time. Like writing a novel, and a damn good one too :). It's not even nearly finished yet but I'm having soooo much fun writing it I don't really care.

So excuse me while I'm going to take the rest of the day off to enjoy this beautiful friday. Offline.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good news only

Even though it is only Tuesday, I officially proclaim this week a week of good news! Share 'em if you got 'em. Here's mine:

  1. We've successfully elected a new Government
  2. That Fair trade shop finally got my favorite coffee after 3 months.
  3. The concert is happening - one of my top three most wanted.
Bloc party in Vienna? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm sooooo going!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to see a crappy movie in style

  1. Step one: let yourself be convinced to see exactly this movie, even though you wanted to see another one.
  2. Step two: Go to the cinema and buy the ticket instead of downloading the bastard from the web.
  3. Step three: Wait for something interesting to happen until the movie ends.
It is important to see a crappy movie every now and then, just to remember to go with your feeling the next time. Besides that - I think I had an Abba overdose.

In desperate need of good movie asap!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Say the dirty word politics!

It's that time of the year when we get to decide how we want to spend the next four years. And I totally understand how some people are not interested in politics and can't be bothered with something as insignificant as electing the Government of the country they live in. The right to decide is overrated anyway.

I also understand how hard it is for some to have an opinion. After all there are more important things in life, like walking a pet, taking a trip or cleaning the apartment. Why would anyone want to think about this drift towards totalitarian regime when they can sit comfortably on their sofa, have a pint and enjoy a nice reality show or a cheesy movie. Ignorance is a bliss.

But there are people who do have an opinion and don't mind noticing the reality we live in. And this Sunday we are going to take that 10 minutes to spell it out. Enough is enough! Ironically left is the only right way to go now and my choice are the Social democrats. Something's got to change and I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit down and wait for the others to decide for me.

I've got the right to vote and I'm not afraid to use it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel Sziget

1. The Preparation
Erase from my mind:
  • healthy,
  • quiet,
  • clean.
2. The Companions:
3. Activities:
  • concerts,
  • beer & Palinka sessions,
  • Yoga,
  • a movie,
  • creative workshops,
  • logical games (sometimes breaking it really means that),
  • shopping,
  • gossiping,
  • reading,
  • napping,
  • photo taking.
4. Music Highlights :
5. Disappointment:
6. Missing in action:
  • Burek,
  • Soup,
  • Some peoples' cleaning habits.
7. A Special Thnx to:
  • Apis & Doriana for saving a place for our tents.
  • Zewa for providing the luxury toilet conditions for my fancy ass.
  • Slovenian railways for the priceless experience of getting to know different kinds of trains, delays and for giving us a unique chance of exploring the Slovenian countryside.
For more info see below:

Monday, August 11, 2008


Venice is one of those "must see" cities, like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna and Berlin. I finally got to go there and I must say it is lovely and quite romantic. Being there makes you wanna sit by the canal, sip your delicious latte macchiatto and listen to melodic Italian conversations which are far too fast to figure out what the hell are they talking about anyway.

I seemed to have arrived just in time for demonstration of public transport workers but luckily I still caught my bus to the airport :).

And now for something completely different.

Friday, August 8, 2008

B for back from Belfast

Just came back from Northern Ireland and obviously brought back Irish weather with me. It's perfectly natural to get that post-holiday "I wanna go back" feeling but I really do. Ireland isn't beautiful - it's fucking amazing!

First of all, people are really nice and I mean nice, not just polite. I love that "darling" and "love" they add to each sentence although when I come to think of it that would probably sound rather strange in Slovenian. The accent is quite strong though and sometimes doesn't even sound like English at all.

First thing you notice in Ireland (besides the rain) are endless green pastures, lavender fields, woods, loots of sheep, cows and water. Not to mention that wonderful misty "Sherlock Holmes" feeling. Unfortunately my camera broke down on the second day so I didn't manage to make any decent photos apart from the ones in Venice.

Northern coast is simply wonderful. Dunluce Castle and Giant's Causeway are definitely the places to visit and Downhill is just the place from my dreams. I think I might move there someday. Contrary to my belief Ireland wasn't all that expensive and I did manage to do some serious shopping. I must admit I could never keep up with the Irish drinking habits. However it was lovely to be able to tryout different beers and have my share of Guinness.

Belfast is famous for many things but mostly for being the city where they built the Titanic. Yeah, well maybe that's not really something to be so happy about but apparently that company still exists and is quite successful too.

Besides sightseeing, shopping and partying I read more books than in the past year, saw few good movies and a play and went ice-skating. And yeah, about that one thing I've never done before - I think singing off-tune at the karaoke night was quite enough. The only real question is - why the hell did I get back ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is you on holiday?

I tried to remember the last time I had two weeks of vacation. I mean real vacation, not the ones when you work at nicer places. I couldn't remember, so it's either never or about the freaking time to have one already! I wanted to wait another week but my body said "no" to my workaholic schedule. So a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

For the next few weeks I'll be on my vacation mode. Which means:
  • no internet, no phone (OK, I might cheat on the internet part a bit),
  • no work related stuff whatsoever,
  • have a good time,
  • visit old friends (and maybe make some new ones),
  • do something I've never done before (suggestions welcome),
  • go to a few concerts,
  • take photos (Japanese tourists style),
  • relax a lot.
This year I'm not doing any sun bathing. Intentionally. I guess that shouldn't be too difficult considering where I'm going.

Have a hint:

Now excuse me while I get my tired ass to that beer-relax-enjoy land :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogs and marketing

Being a blogger it's only a matter of time before you start getting spam invitations to join communities or adding some widgets to your site. Most of those are generic invitations, sent to everyone and usually doomed to end up in your Trash. I got this two:

Marketing executive from SocialMatic Team is pleased to inform me my blog is not a total waste of other people's time:

Well, Ms. Alicia Yap, I'd never hire you to do marketing for me and to be honest I don't like your website nor your approach. You offering signing up for me just shows how desperate you are to get more traffic. Besides, I don't want to automatically sign up to 13 more social websites and get more spam to my Inbox.

However there are also people who know how to approach bloggers without fancy titles and big words. I got kind invitation from Pocket cultures' Blogs of the world, who focus on life in different countries. Not only I like the concept AND the blog, their approach is individual, cute and obviously effective. Plus they give the impression the really did read at least one of my posts. Needles to say I said "yes".

Now this is what I call proper marketing:

See Ms. Yap, lousy marketing can do you more damage than the ugly aggressive red banner on your website ;)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This fire is out of control

What on Earth can motivate people to drive in the unbearable summer heat to anther country? Got two words for you: Franz Ferdinand. Even though I've already seen them live I knew it was one of those "longlasting" relationships so I couldn't resist convincing Jota to go with me to the concert. Spinach Fairy tagged along and so we headed towards beautiful Italian city of Ferrara.

Our timing was amazingly perfect. Despite an hour long waiting at the Italian "pay toll" stop we arrived just in time to hear Franz Ferdinand rehearsal, have a couple of beers and some cheap junk food and to take a walk in the city.

The concert was held in the open space of Ferrara Castel and the place was not too crowded. The Cribs seemed fairly average but then again they were not even close to what we all were waiting for - almost two hours of pure joy provided by four Scotsmen.

And so they did - the concert was outstanding! Set list consisted mostly of Franz Ferdinand album, few songs were taken from You could have it so much better and we got to hear quite a lot of new stuff - soon to be released in their third album. What an energy! What a music! What a performance!

40' , Come one home and This Fire were absolute highlights of the evening, not to mention Jacqueline, Fallen and Michael. I missed Darts of pleasure and This boy but I guess the idea of concerts is to leave the audience wanting more. Well, it was successful.

According to what I heard, third album will be much better than the second one and a bit more diverse than the first one. I simply can't wait to get my hands on it. Until then - enjoy the highlights:


Franz Ferdinand sound check:

High male shoe fashion for Tadej and his shoe fetish ;)

The Cribs:

Franz Ferdinand

Till next time!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Lent 2008

After a while I took time to visit Lent, Slovenian traditional summer festival which is happening at the beautiful riverside of Maribor. To be more exact I went to see Grimmski and to visit a friend.

Besides their album material they played two non album tracks (want to have those, especially Necromancer) and some new great covers from Air and Santana. The atmosphere was relaxed and the audience quite excited.

Of course cheap beer and the fact that the singer is quite cute and the audience was female dominated might have something to do with that :) Grimmski indeed show major potential and once they figure out their image style and do more PR, they will take the lead.

Captured moments:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Naughty Haiku

Stripped in the summer.
Trembling for their existence.
How long will they last?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Consumerism with a face

Consumerism is almost unavoidable, unless you have a self sufficient farm/house and depend only upon yourself. Being able to buy things doesn't necessarily mean being irresponsible individual who only cares about his/her needs. Rather than"I spend there for I am" I'd like to live upon "I act the way I think" principle.

I decided to become more responsible type of a consumer, being careful about who I give my money to. Now I might not be rich enough to be able to afford fair trade products only but I did make few decisions on what to change when I buy things (or as we Slovenians say: "Start by tidying your own doorstep." ).

So what is really that I can do about it? Well, for start I decide to:
  1. Ban buying things made in countries that use "cheap" labor force. Sure it costs lest, but I will not give my money to people who support exploitation. I'm willing to pay fair price for fair amount of work. It doesn't mean I will spend more money for shopping, it means I will think whether I really need new pair of sneakers only because existing ones are out of fashion.

  2. Buy my fruits/vegetables on organic market. I prefer to give my money directly to farmers than to supermarket, who usually sells frozen stuff of low quality, rich with pesticides. Buying cheaper fruits doesn't mean saving money - it means eating crap quality food for low costs, resulting in crap quality "vitamins" that don't make you feel any better.

  3. Pay more attention to the content than design: I prefer to buy a big bottle of yogurt rather than taking lots of small cute cups. For the things I use more often I prefer to "produce" as little garbage as possible. Remember, design doesn't reflect quality - usually it's the other way around: attractive design covers for poor content (especially evident in cosmetic industry).

  4. Make my own gifts. I've tried to do it as often as possible - not only they are unique but they also show your care for person. Since I don't always have enough time to make my own gift, I'd sometimes buy a nice book instead. It is the though that counts.

  5. Favor natural medicine before official one. I don't need to take a pill for every little inch I feel in my body. In fact, I'd like to give AS LITTLE MONEY AS POSSIBLE to the pharmaceutic industry. They don't want me to get well, they want me to stay ill and spebd more money. Let's be honest, healthy people don't spend money as easily as sick people do. So I'll put special effort to stay as healthy as I can (and quit my bad smoking habit asap).

  6. Stop buying things "just in case". I have my closet full of "just in case" clothes I wore maybe one time but it most cases not even that. Not to mention some of "just in case" food, I never used. "Just in case" stuff usually ends either forgotten somewhere or as a gift to your friend.

  7. Say no to plastic bags. They are everywhere and it's hard to escape massive collection of them as you get them for free even without asking. The truth is plastic bags are usually blown away from garbage disposals and end up on trees, in the sea or in some animals' mouth/throat. What's the alternative? Cotton/paper bags you can reuse for a longer period of time.

  8. Reuse and rearrange old furniture. Luckily I have that creative inch to play around with old stuff and make something attractive out of it. I have to admit I love Ikea, but I will not go there for shopping anymore. Not only because they use cheap labor force to make their stuff, but also because it is low quality. Let's be honest, nothing is cheap when you have to buy it twice.

  9. Save some money for cultural events. I think cultural activity is perhaps one of the most important things for one nations' identity and I'll be glad to put my money where my mouth is. Few Euro's is small price to say: I love and support your work.

  10. Support the Polluter pays principle. We should get more aware of our responsibility towards environment. Until educational system manages to spread knowledge about it let the cash speak. Sometimes it's the only way to understand.
All of this might not change the world in a day but it's a start. Thinking global and acting local is far more successful than you can imagine. So what is your own personal consumer manifesto?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Planing a website

Being so involved in my work as I am lately, I can' help myself writing about it. Planing a website is very quite similar to rearranging you closet. You start with the desire to have your closet neat and organized but not lose much time keeping it that way. We all know how it works: when you're in a hurry and need your lucky shirt, you will find it, even if it means turning the closet inside out. And it usually does.

So you start with bunch of clothes and your habits of using them. Clothes you wear more often, the ones you never wear, clothes for sport, fancy clothes and stuff you want to keep but will probably never have a chance to wear anyway. And you don't want stuff you don't need to get in the way of your search for stuff you do need.

You also know the amount of time you don't have in the morning to dress up and what it is you're usually looking for. Old habits die hard so unless you'd like to spend a lot of time adjusting to a new lifestyle, you can at least make a good use of them. You can sort your clothes by color, size, type of fabric, season, type of occasions, stuff given to you by your parents or any other criteria you can think of. The important thing to keep in mind is the disorder should be adjusted to you and not the other way around, so you will know exactly in which pile to look for that t-shirt.

Websites are guided by the same "don't make me think" principle. Only you have content instead of clothes, users instead of you and well, loads of research instead of few hours of your time.

Painful as it might sound I have to assure you it's a lot of fun. And just as I don't want to spend my time looking for my dress, users don't want to waste time looking for information. Good planing will keep your closet/website in a low maintenance condition until you decide it's either too small or too ugly and buy a new one ;).

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes, it's fucking political!

Often I meet people who say they are "not interested in politics." I must admit I find this statement quite bold, considering the fact we are all making politics on daily basis whether being aware of it or not. So not being interested in politics means you're actually not interested in:
  • Who makes decision regarding your life,
  • What kind of future will you have,
  • Who are you supporting by spending your money,
  • Knowing which stuff you drink/eat might seriously damage your health,
  • Knowing whether you financially support employers who exploit their employees,
  • What are the consequences of your daily actions,
  • How many children made that fancy T- shirt with their delicate little hands for about a buck per day.
Of course it's individuals' right not to be interested and not to know any of those things, even though not knowing it doesn't mean you shake off the responsibility part.

The only catch is not being interested in politics means you don't get to complain about it either. Yes, it's the old "Do something about it or shut up" principle. So are you sure you're still not interested?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working from home rules!

After my first month of freelancing I have to say I absolutely love it! Of course it demands an amount of self - discipline, self - organization and good time management but once you get a hang of it everything you do becomes pure pleasure.

Here's why:
  • You can wear your pajamas to work,
  • You can take showers, brush teeth or make a face mask during work,
  • You can have breaks whenever you want,
  • You can eat proper meals when you're hungry,
  • You have time to cook, go to store and even do some housework in between,
  • You have more time to read,
  • You can afford a slow getting up, without any hurry,
  • You can go to concerts/events during the week without being worried when to get up the next day,
  • You can stay in during the rainy days,
  • You have more time for yourself and take a day off when all the work is done,
  • You can have excellent coffee/tea breaks exactly the way you want it.
I just love my work! Now excuse me, while I'm off for my coffee break... and listening to that Johnny Cash album for the x time :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hip hop threesome

My last week was dedicated to hip hop music whichI like a lot but rarely get a chance to listen to some good one. There are not so many hip hop artists that have something interesting to say beyond having sex, geting wasted and hanging out with their "homies". All of these I can get out of reading blogs, but when it comes to music, I need more.

I must say I prefer Balkan hip hop not only because of the juicy language but also because there is a great amount of political in their content and as Bosnian artist Edo Maajka says: Balkan language was just made for rap :) So last week I saw three great concerts with some really cool bits.

Elemental, Croatian hip hop group that exists for ten year already has released four albums so far. The concert was a total knockout and they really put a lot of energy in their performance, not to mention the communication with the audience. Loved them! Will definitely go to see them again live.

The Beat Fleet is another great Croatian hip hop group that flirts with rock, reggae and ska music, unfortunately I was too tired to fully enjoy their concert. They exist for 18 years and have released three albums so far. Guys surely know their beats and were a pleasure to listen to.

The last, but not least was the excellent Bosnian artis Edo Maajka, one of my absolute favorites when it comes to overall impression. He released four studio albums so far and one Soundtrack. Not only is he extremely lovable and positive, he knows how to bring out the best in the audience. We were screaming, whistling, dancing and singing, even the major of Ljubljana went to see his concert. Unfortunately the videos I made have bad audio quality because I was standing too close to the stage. Can you blame me ;)?

In comparison to the previous two concerts this one was not in the sauna held outside which probably brough some points to the great atmosphere. It was definitely one of the best concerts I've been to lately. He's the kind of artist you can't help adoring.

Videos coming up soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blast from the past

Yesterday I was relieving my dark teens on the other side of the Križanke, where Niet concert was taking place. I know how they say that band never recovers from the overdose death of their lead singer but the concert (and new singer) sounded amazing. For all of you who don't know this famous Slovenian punk band I have to say it was faitful painkiller for most of slovenian teenager during their "rebellion period".

Jota, Jinx, Betty, Lonely Rider and me were enjoying every tune played and I was kinda sorry for being such a cheap bastard and not buying the tickets. So here is a little appetizier of my three favorite songs to listen during my teens. They were the kind of songs you would play on repeat a dozen times and would constantly embarres yourself in front of the DJ, asking to play them again. And again.

Niet: lep dan za smrt

Rage against the machine: Killing in the name of

Depeche mode: Personal Jesus

Friday, May 23, 2008

Speak Slovenian?

Slovenian lanugage indeed is pretty hard to learn, especially for people who don't speak or understand any slavic languages. To be honest, even some of our neighbours have difficulties in understanding Slovenian, especially the slang/dialects), which probably makes it perfect for gossiping ;).

I consider myself quite lucky being able to speak a language so complicated. It's not only the pronounciation that is difficult (being so packed up with consonants) but all the rules you need to follow to put the words in to the right form.

If you're still not convinced just how complicated it really is, I recommend reading this funny article by Victor Irving:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So far I manage my new freelance life quite well, still 24 hours is just not enough to be able to squeeze in all the tasks, projects and leisure time activities I'd like to do. Luckily my budget is increasing, unfortunately so is the number of my responsibilities, the mess in my room and my non existing social life. I only wish my computer would be able to cope with my multitasking too.

But I do know that all work and no play, makes Cherry wanna send some fatal errors and request a reboot. Yes, I'm showing off :P

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fast food my way

As a fresh freelancer I was looking forward to all the benefits of self-organized life, from flexible time table to decent home prepared meals. After signing up for new projects, having unscheduled meetings and or being too tired to cook, I found myself living on coffee and vending machine. Balanced diet is a sandwich in each hand, right?

Then I saw this pretty thing with my name on it. Lunch Snack box! Just what I needed (besides sleep and a jacuzzi):

And it looks even better on the inside:

It should keep me happy until I get some real food.