Friday, August 3, 2007

Love, life and ecology

Yesterday I saw I heart Huckabees. Even though the movie is typical American production, the story itself is quite amazing and partly insane. I loved the characters, the actors and the whole plot. Besides the obvious there are some additional reasons why I liked it so much:
  • it has some really good dialogues,
  • it tackles some existential questions,
  • it is about sustainable development.
In the past few years, environmental stuff has somehow grown close to me - maybe because I'm getting old. I never suspected this would evolve from hugging trees while being drunk, but well...I'll start worrying when I find myself chained to an oil tanker.

So far I just had another inspiration for my turbo ecological hobby. I decided to recycle toilet paper carton roll. There is so many of them, maybe I could do the whole series. But this time I needed an extra pencil cup.

Secret ingredients: toilet paper carton roll, black paper, silk white lace, strong string, glue, wooden corals or jewelry leftovers, some imagination and voilà!




LotosovCvet said...

Fina ideja...Luban izdelek...
btw. (nima ravno veze s tvojim postom, pa vseeno)Ko sem se zdravila za depresijo mi je en zdravilec predlagal, da naj grem vsako jutro na sprehod in med sprehodom objamem staro bukev (za par minut), ki daje pozitivno, življenjsko energijo...In sem to počela in še vedno objemam drevesa, čist trezna. :)



Cherry said...

nekaj je res, na tem objemanju dreves in energiji.

No, če naslednjič v parku srečam kako bejbo, ki je zalepljeno na bukev, boš to verjetno ti ;)