Friday, September 28, 2007

Music for rainy days

It's a slow rainy Friday, the lazy one when you want to get under your blanket with a cup of tea (possibly with rum) and watch your favorite film/series until you fall asleep. Of course there's special kind of music that fits the relaxed rainy atmosphere or should I say it doesn't interrupt your doing of nothing.

There are several artists I listen to this occasions, but Telefon tel Aviv is without doubt the winner in the situation. Easy electronic "flow-through" music of American music group artists is just perfect for chillout and dance. The group was formed in 1999 in Chicago and relocated in 2001 in New Orleans. Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis are the heart of Telefon tel Aviv and have by now produced three albums: Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001), Map of What Is Effortless (2004) and Remixes Compiled (2007).

Unfortunately I couldn't find any decent videos on their official website. However you can listen to their tracks on the website. I wanted to dig out my favorite one "When it happens don't hesitate" which reminds me on David Lynch movies. Somehow Youtube only provided me with some low quality concert recordings so here's the best I got.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bag of clichés' to go please

Clichés' are inevitable. When you talk to friends, colleagues, relatives or strangers they will just randomly pop out your mouth: How are you, what you're doing, have fun, wish you luck, happy new year, bless you and many many more.

Is it wrong to say all those things without thinking about it or meaning it? I think not. After all it is only a tool to start up a conversation or a cover up the fact you have nothing else to say. It might not seem so but clichés' can glue together fragile human relationships.

Let's say you run into an old friend. You had your disputes in the past and haven't heard from each other for some time. Eventually you let things go but now you don't know how to start or what to say. Clichés' sure come in handy. But does cliché remains cliché even when you really mean what you are saying? Can you tell the difference between being polite and sincere? Can clichés' hurt people when they mistake them for real feelings? Does that show they have a value?

There's something ironically cheap about them. Nevertheless I can't help wondering whether they don't hide a treasure underneath the faded surface. Even when it seems we don't really talk anymore but exchange clichés' instead.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy life

Sometimes I wonder how on earth do I manage to keep my life so busy at all times. I'm starting to believe it is impossible for me to cut down on the activities and just have time to do nothing. I don't want to do nothing. Every time I try to save some time by cancelling few obligations, I somehow find myself getting involved in new ones. So this week will busy as hell with lots of running around, handling bureaucracy, meetings, plans, rehearsals and social life (if I'll be lucky enough to have any at all), starting today big time.

Nevertheless , I wouldn't have it any other way so it must be a bliss. Even though it's just another hectic week, I want to start it big.

Muse: Bliss

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Growing up sucks unless you break some rules

Growing up brings quite a some advantages to person's life. One of them is being able to do things your parents told you not to. Like sticking fingers up your nose, playing with food and talking to strangers. Especially the last one proved to be pretty much inevitable once I started blogging. It also turned out to be quite therapeutic. Lost you already? Good.

After my concert/festival abstinence I had a bit of crisis. Especially after reading people's reports on Sziget, Frequency and Exit festivals. I missed the camping, the festival atmosphere, discovering the new bands and the crowds under stage. It almost felt like a disease and I had the goddamn itch every time someone would mention anything remotely connected to live music.

While browsing through blogs I ran into Jotaeater's reports on all the events I wanted to see. Couldn't help leaving few comments on how jealous I was on them especially because of Interpol. The result was quite surprising. They're going to see them again in November and just happen to have an extra place in their car. Needless to say the car is full now and I'm thrilled.

Talking to strangers might not get you far but I can certainly get you to a rock concert ;)

Friday, September 14, 2007

DJ's favourite dilemmas

Once you start Deejaying, you figure out there are three types of music:
  1. Music you listen to and also play at the parties,
  2. Music others want you to play (and most of the times doesn't fit your taste at all),
  3. Music you listen to but only play for yourself.
Sooner or later every DJ faces some crises in connection to those three point. Firstly, music you like and play is not necessarily music people know and want to hear. Empty dance floor could feel even worse than embarrassing yourself on first date so you have to take compromises. You always prepare few hits people know and you like. However, I am still quite reluctant to play commercial music only. Regardless the situation, I'd always try to fit in some indie rock. I like t think of it as music education but some obviously consider it as an invitation. So they come and complain about it.

Which brings us to our second and probably most popular DJ dilemma: music wishes. I know exactly how it feels to want to hear a song you think would fit in perfectly. Come to think of it I've had quite a few music wishes up till now. To be completely honest, talking to DJs was pretty much my regular activity. But once you are on the other side, it just becomes annoying. Not so much because of distractions as because of realising people want to listen to Britney Spears, turbo folk and Slovenian pop. Saying you don't have that exact CD doesn't really help as they will bring their own. The Iron Lady ways right: JUST SAY NO!

And of course there is also music you like and listen to, but would not play for others. Most of the times because people can't dance to it, nobody knows it (apart from you and your friends), nobody heard about that artist or it is just not your style. For instance Frank Sinatra: I love his work since I was a teenager and his double CD was the only valentines special offer I'd ever buy. To myself of course. Even cynical darkers have soft moments now and then. Normally I don't share my Frankie boy but this time I'll make an exception. This one is really worth it.:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Adding insult to injury

Add n to X
This piece is my mental preparation for Saturdays Party. Excellent British band Add N to (X) was introduced to me by DJ Sladka for which I am still very thankful. Their name was supposedly taken from a computer program command that creates an unknown electronic third force.

Photo source: Mute records

Vintage synthesizers
have been ever so popular since 80's and the band certainly mastered their sounds. It probably helped having a producer as a band member.

I got quite excited about their album Add insult to injury and about their slightly obscene and sexy videos. The most famous video "Plug me in" would feature porn actress playing with sex toys. Unfortunately they split up. Barry Smith, Ann Shenton and Steven Claydon went pursuing their individual careers. Too bad for their fans and Mute records.

Metal fingers in my body is one of my favourite singles and a track from their third album Avant hard. The video is quite interesting too.

Enjoy it:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Familiar strangers

Do you meet often same faces on your way to work, on the bus or at the groceries? Strangers, you don't really know but seem to hang around at the same time as you? Good, then I haven't entered the Twilight zone yet.

First time I heard about familiar strangers was at psychology class and since then I've had quite few of them. Faces you meet so often you feel like starting to say hello. Luckily you remember you do live in Slovenia, a small country where inhabitants don't really appreciate spontaneousness or greetings from random strangers. So what if they are familiar, I guess everyone is once your population count stops at about 2 million.

By now I had enough familiar strangers to have a small dinner party and I'd definitely invite these ones:

  • Elevator man: He was my daily deja vu experience. Eventually we politely nodded our heads when he entered and stared at our feet until we hit the ground floor. Occasionally we meet in the street and politely try to avoid each other. I guess it's just not the same without an elevator.

  • Alternative darker: Older man I still meet quite often on different occasions and locations. Only after I found out he's a member of one of my favourite bands is when I started feeling like a stalker. Fetalij probably knows best how that is ;).

  • Overdressed chick: Though it is very nice to see people who look like people early in the morning, I couldn't help admiring her ability to walk in those high hills and such a short skirt. My attempt to pull something similar in long but tight dress ended up after 10 minutes in nearest shoe shop. I bought a pair of plain sandals and threw away the chic ones I was wearing. I give up, I'm just not a lady material.

  • Older couple: They are possibly the most romantic couple in their 60's or 70's I've ever met. Guy is walking with crutches so they have this slow long walks through the city but still hold hands every time. They just make me wanna hug them.

  • A photographer: First time I saw her was on a Depeche mode concert and since then she just keeps on appearing around on almost daily bases. OK, I admit she is kinda good looking and that might be the reason I remembered her.

  • Artist on a bike: or at least that is how he looks like to me. Tall skinny hippy looking like guy who doesn't wear shoes no matter what the season. Even though he could be considered as fair critique of shoe industry he probably just like his foot bare. With latest shoe fashion who could blame him.

Of course these are not all. There are many more but enough about mine, let's hear about yours. Any familiars in your life?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Love wil tear us apart

I am so not a Monday person. If it would be up to me, I'd skip working Mondays altogether and have 3 day weekend. Unfortunately that is not the case so I trick myself into making Mondays easier by playing one of my favourite bands/songs.

This week is kinda special to me as this Saturday I get to play music on one of my favourite parties. Special week, special party, special song. This one I play every single time on every single party and it still does the thing for me. It is kinda hard to decide though with all the great songs they've made.

Too bad I never saw them performing live and never will. I guess you can't have it all. Here it is:

Joy Division: Love will tear us apart

Friday, September 7, 2007

Facebook obsession upgrade?

I have already written about Facebook obsession and my second thoughts about having a profile there. Since then I got even more interested in Facebook phenomenon and found out some interesting facts. First of all, supposedly whole idea about it was stolen.

Secondly - they are going public. Yap, you heard right, your profiles will be visible to every single creature that know how to google. Including information about your friends, family, lovers, vacation, job etc. I guess Andy Warhol was right, everyone's gonna have their 5 minutes of fame. Even your hamster.

I can understand some employers find it redundant and are banning its use, while some other think it it's appropriate to use it in your workplace, but only for business matter.

Regardless all dilemmas, Facebook is gaining power in real life, thanks to their extremely interesting copyright and privacy policy. Students successfully used it as an argument to win case against bank. In case you have doubts about its outreach, there is a little treat for all of you who love conspiracy theories.

Turn on your speakers and enjoy it. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I know it's a bit early for x-mas wishes but I can't help myself making a list of things I'd like to treat myself with in few years time. Of course the original plan was to get it by the time I get thirty, but I guess time is not on our side after all.

  1. MacBook or MacBook pro. Depends on my ability to save money. Or win lottery.
  2. Zen is alternative to Apples iPod which I happen to like more than original. I'm a sucker for design, plus the name is quite catchy too. (Un)fortunately my old mp3 player is still very much alive and kicking so I guess I'll have to wait for a while before purchasing new one.
  3. A bean bag. Since I hardly ever user chairs and spend most of my time in the bed, bean bag sounds like a perfect piece of furniture for me. If only there weren't so damn expensive.
  4. One of those old-timer refrigerators. I just can't resist 50's and 60's design styles (clothes are completely different story through), cool looking women targeted commercials and packaging.
  5. My own DJ equipment. Yes, I'll be one of those noisy neighbours who plays strange music all days and really loudly too. And you'll love it.

As far as my other non-material wishes are concerned they are still pretty much the same. To make most of my days, have time to spend with my friends, write, read and eventually move to the city of my dreams.

I wonder which of these is gonna take longer for me to achieve...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


If you've bothered to look outside the window these days, you've probably noticed the summer is gone. All those rainy days, trees getting naked and vineyards coming to life can only mean one thing: the autumn is here. Finally. Heat is overrated anyway.

Autumn means chestnut picnics, young wine, wonderful colors and funny noises that dry leaves make when you walk through them. It definitely is the most romantic time of the year, unlike spring with all the cheesy blossom valentines overkill. Autumn is more subtle and intuitive: a bit of melancholy, long walks on rainy days and some music to fit the taste.

is quite perfect for opening of a new season. The stunning singer never stops to amaze and always leaves you wanting some more. I wonder why...