Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Disputes over a symbol

Apparently Johnson & Johnson is suing American Red Cross for use of their symbol:

"The two had shared the symbol amicably for more than 100 years — Johnson & Johnson on its commercial products and the American Red Cross as a symbol of its relief efforts on foreign battlefields and in disasters like floods and tornadoes.....

But in 2004, the American Red Cross began licensing the symbol to commercial partners selling products at retail establishments. According to the lawsuit, those products include humidifiers, medical examination gloves, nail clippers, combs and toothbrushes."


Apparently the peaceful symbiosis is over. I bet they can get loads of money from that dirty charity bitches. Raising money for the poor, providing them with clothes and medical equipment? What on earth where they thinking? Red cross is a symbol for overrated cosmetics and not for helping people. Obviously.

Can we do something about it? Hell yes. I'll never buy another Johnson & Johnson product again. In your face, you greedy capitalists! So sue me.

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moby dyke said...

It rememebers me on McDonalds that sued one traditional restaurant in England for having their name even if the restaurant existed dozens of years more that this filthy corporation.

Vomiting all of the food of McDonalds!

Cherry said...

Ridiculous indeed.

I try to stay away from McDonalds but it doesn't always help. I think they put something in their food to make me wanna eat it ;)