Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Every end has a start

My mom (aka the smartest women on Earth) recently told me that every time something in your life ends, you make space for something new to happen. And it's absolutely true in many ways besides finishing a bottle of wine and making space for prime time entertainment :)

Obviously April is my month of various endings, so naturally May will be the month of new beginnings. I better start following my own advice to take chances & make some changes. So instead of choosing the smoothest way I decided to take a step into the uncertainty and do something I longed for quite some time.

I know I'm gonna make it, simply because there is no other way.

Editors: An end has a start

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wear sunscreen

After yesterday's "reality" talk show all I can say is OMFG (I'm definitely sticking to my no TV policy). So much nonsense, so little time... The only thing that came to my mind is to share Baz Luhrmann's tips for the future - wear sunscreen :

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy B-day

To our little planet. And if you feel like doing something beyond recycling, I recommend watching this video and reconsidering the brand of cosmetic products you buy:

Monday, April 21, 2008

My favorite positions

Sometimes you "plan" things in your life but don't manage to find time for them. It was like this with me and yoga until the time was finally right for me and the opportunity to start taking yoga classes just magically appeared. At first I didn't take it very seriously but eventually it became a part of my everyday life, a new morning routine.

After a while I was amazed by how great I felt on so many levels and how much easier it was for me to manage stress. However yoga is not suitable for everyone - namely depressed and introverted people might have problems when subconsciousness starts to work its way to consciousness. Nevertheless there are great lessons to be learned, like not pushing yourself over the limit, taking time for things and accepting the change as part of life.

But of course there are also less deep things about yoga that give you pleasure. Like being able to do these cool positions with your body (photos by Maabee):


Pada prasar pachimottanasana

Supta Vajrasana

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Bleeding insecurities of today
Feed blinded hopes of tomorrow,
Carving through your stomach a giant wormhole
Of nothing yet everything you claim to be.

Mindless thoughts exploding in your head
Keep on evoking same old questions
You buried on hopeless shores of nothing
While gently diving into the silence.

Restless souls seek consolation
In overwhelming arms of uncertainty
While pain again reminds you of life
That gives you nothing, nothing to lose.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Berlin, part two

People would often tell me they've heard about Berlin and ask me what is so special about it. Well, of course there are things like wonderful multicultural environment, alive atmosphere full of art and happening and quite low expenses of living but that's not quite it. What makes it special is something, you can't really put your finger to - that unique feeling this city gives you. Hard to explain yet so easy to experience.

Naturally I have my favorite places I always go to but I am also quite keen to discover new ones. Most of them are of course in the eastern part, around Kreuzberg. This year I made some extra markings on my personal map and added a cool alternative club and a rock bar - definitely places to visit next time.

But what impresses me the most (besides their massive fascination with bears) is the amount of cultural variety that manages to co-exist. It's so not-Slovenian I immediately fell for it. Not to mention the costs of living are pretty much the same in Berlin as they are in Ljubljana. However, I have to admit there are things I don't like about Berlin:
  • weather is quite terrible, windy and colder than I'm used to,
  • food - German food is a big no no for any soup/salad fans - luckily they have loads of restaurants with just about any kind of food you desire (big sucker for Asian cuisine),
  • she's not there.

But enough about Berlin, you really should see and feel it for yourself. It's so close to home.

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