Friday, July 4, 2008

Lent 2008

After a while I took time to visit Lent, Slovenian traditional summer festival which is happening at the beautiful riverside of Maribor. To be more exact I went to see Grimmski and to visit a friend.

Besides their album material they played two non album tracks (want to have those, especially Necromancer) and some new great covers from Air and Santana. The atmosphere was relaxed and the audience quite excited.

Of course cheap beer and the fact that the singer is quite cute and the audience was female dominated might have something to do with that :) Grimmski indeed show major potential and once they figure out their image style and do more PR, they will take the lead.

Captured moments:


Master Pain(t) said...

wau. novica dneva. na študentu so končno dojeli, da so grimmski kul in jih vrtijo na radiu.. uuuuu. kolk hudo :DD


JinX said...

"Cheap bear"? Medvedje prostitutke? Kaj?

Aja dans ob ene 20h pred Krizhankami - ogrevanje za Masivce ;)

Cherry said...

oops :)