Friday, May 23, 2008

Speak Slovenian?

Slovenian lanugage indeed is pretty hard to learn, especially for people who don't speak or understand any slavic languages. To be honest, even some of our neighbours have difficulties in understanding Slovenian, especially the slang/dialects), which probably makes it perfect for gossiping ;).

I consider myself quite lucky being able to speak a language so complicated. It's not only the pronounciation that is difficult (being so packed up with consonants) but all the rules you need to follow to put the words in to the right form.

If you're still not convinced just how complicated it really is, I recommend reading this funny article by Victor Irving:


Black Betty said...

Ja to jee pa res zajeban. Z smetan? :D

Cherry said...

Betty, še huje je verjetno naročiti pico brez šunke z več gobicami ;)

Nikolina said...

ah, ni tko hudo, kot zveni :)

chocolate freak said...

naj se enkrat tudi Angleži potrudijo, da jim ne bo vse na pladenj položeno.

marsikaj ironičnega bi se dejansko dalo povedati o njihovem enostavnejšem jeziku in kakšen besedni zaklad imajo tujci proti večini njihovih naravnih govorcev :P

wicked b**** of the west said...

v bistvu je res najlažje pivo naročit:
dve pivi, dve pive, dva piva - vse gre :)

Vincenzo said...

I know 2 Slavic languages, but I don't understand any of those comments))))
But, I do like your blog, it's funny and quite positive)- just wanna to say it)

Cherry said...

Hej Vincenzo - thanks a lot =)

Victoria Asidero said...

Has found your blog because I was looking for a nice pics of Cecile de France))
But has found that you the interesting person, with similar thoughts on mine)) So hello. My name is Victoria (change from Vincenzo to my real name).