Friday, November 14, 2008

NON Band

Every now and then Myspace turns out to be actually quite useful tool for discovering cool Slovenian bands.

I've never heard about NON before but after listening to music on their Myspace profile it was almost love at first sight.

It is kinda electronic mixture of Depeche mode and Interpol. Their dark synthetic melodies are quite catchy too. Darkish. Naughty. Sexy.

So who are they anyway? According to their webpage NON consists of four guys who already did their share of touring abroad:
  • Boštjan Brcar - synt
  • Damjan Ćosić - bass
  • Gregor Vrečar – drums, percussion
  • Matjaž Moraus Zdešar – vocal, guitar, programming
When I asked them if they could send me some of their stuff I expected a CD with few songs. Well, I got their debut album: Not everything is made in china which btw has a really good potential to become one of my all favorite albums.

You can check them out live this Saturday @ AKD Izbruh in Kranj.


fairy said...

sounds great. can i borrow? :)

Cherry said...

how about we go and check them our this saturday =)?

ogiddion said...

hvala za info. všečna zadeva!

kejt said...

luštno. si postala prava raziskovalka in resurs za novo slovensko glasbo! :)

Anonymous said...

kjut. hvala, češnja.

fairy said...

prov luštn je blo.
if i could only get the image of that toilet out of my head, that would be extra great :)