Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogs and marketing

Being a blogger it's only a matter of time before you start getting spam invitations to join communities or adding some widgets to your site. Most of those are generic invitations, sent to everyone and usually doomed to end up in your Trash. I got this two:

Marketing executive from SocialMatic Team is pleased to inform me my blog is not a total waste of other people's time:

Well, Ms. Alicia Yap, I'd never hire you to do marketing for me and to be honest I don't like your website nor your approach. You offering signing up for me just shows how desperate you are to get more traffic. Besides, I don't want to automatically sign up to 13 more social websites and get more spam to my Inbox.

However there are also people who know how to approach bloggers without fancy titles and big words. I got kind invitation from Pocket cultures' Blogs of the world, who focus on life in different countries. Not only I like the concept AND the blog, their approach is individual, cute and obviously effective. Plus they give the impression the really did read at least one of my posts. Needles to say I said "yes".

Now this is what I call proper marketing:

See Ms. Yap, lousy marketing can do you more damage than the ugly aggressive red banner on your website ;)

1 comment:

Black Betty said...

NO, jaz bi tudi spodnjega direkt zalučala v spam sekcijo. :D
spam je spam in tudi "prijaznega" spama imam več kot preveč :D