Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blast from the past

Yesterday I was relieving my dark teens on the other side of the Križanke, where Niet concert was taking place. I know how they say that band never recovers from the overdose death of their lead singer but the concert (and new singer) sounded amazing. For all of you who don't know this famous Slovenian punk band I have to say it was faitful painkiller for most of slovenian teenager during their "rebellion period".

Jota, Jinx, Betty, Lonely Rider and me were enjoying every tune played and I was kinda sorry for being such a cheap bastard and not buying the tickets. So here is a little appetizier of my three favorite songs to listen during my teens. They were the kind of songs you would play on repeat a dozen times and would constantly embarres yourself in front of the DJ, asking to play them again. And again.

Niet: lep dan za smrt

Rage against the machine: Killing in the name of

Depeche mode: Personal Jesus


miss.nymphee said...

Ihihi, it was fakingfabulous! :)

Cherry said...

yeaj, rub it in :P

Black Betty said...

ej, čeri, jest sem hotla uporabt ta naslov :D

ja fajn je blo. še takih koncertou.

Cherry said...

škoda, k ne berem misli, pol bi se lahko pohvalila, da sem ti ga direkt iz sivih celic sunila :)