Monday, November 3, 2008

The bag theory

Being more or less a typical woman I own my share of bags. Yes, I know how hard it is to resist buying a new one when you know you don't really need it. But it looks so great! And even though it's very similar to one or two of your other bags, you don't have that exact model yet. Shallow? Yes. Irrational? Very much so. Satisfying? Absolutely!

But I've realized that eventually you get used to a specific type of bags. So even though this new one has more pockets and my stuff should therefore be more organized and easier to find, that is not always the case. In fact my stuff ends up even messier than usually.

The problem of the bags with many pocket is quite similar to the problem with big bags:
  • I don't always put things where I predict I would
  • in order to find something I need to open all of the goddamn pockets or even repeat that procedure a couple of times
  • I'm never sure whether I lost my phone or just displaced it in one of the overstuffed pockets
  • when I'm looking for my Ipod or a pencil, I would need a flashlight to find it (a phone would do, but to find it...)
  • whenever I want to take my notebook with me I have to use my other bag.
So what can I do? My rational sense tells me to become more organized and remember which pocket I use for what. But my gut tells me to get the hell to the store and buy a medium size bag with two pockets which has proved to be the most suitable for my needs. Oh well, you just gotta love the trivial dilemmas of the modern world =).


fairy said...

hm. wonder what to bring you from London. can't think of anything. damn. ah well... ;)

Cherry said...

Jimmy or Eddie (possibly both) will do just fine =)