Sunday, November 23, 2008


Once again the international film festival Liffe was taking place but this year I was somewhat less impressed with the program than usually. Anyway, I made my selection of movies due to my usual criteria:
  • the plot: if it sounds boring then what's the use?
  • the nationality: yes i do discriminate in favor of Northern European, Czech and Asian movies and will probably see them even if the plot seems a bit too plain.
  • the genre: strongly prefer dramas, extravagant movies, science fiction and dark comedies (the darker, the better).
Achilles to kame: Interesting and humorous story yet a bit too long for slightly disappointing ending. The text interventions in between different parts of the movie were completely redundant, breaking one of the main rules (text shouldn't repeat what is already said by the picture). Yet the crazy plot and interesting happening still deserves a 7.5.

Boy A - A stunning drama, unbelievably strong and touching story that got me from the very first minute (I cried like a baby). Excellent screenplay supported by skillful directing and outstanding acting of Andrew Garfield uncovers unforgiving side of the society. An absolute 10 and will definitely go to see it again.

Valu: Fresh comedy presenting chase of the supposedly dangerous wild bull in a small Indian village. It was nice to see a non-Bollywood movie with a specific kind of humor that doesn't always travel. Great refreshement that definitely deserves an 8.5.

Deti noci: I didn't like the script and even the good directing couldn't take away the bad taste of insufficient development of the main character. Of course the three "small breaks" we had to have due to the projector breakdown did kinda ruin the feeling but not as much as some girls discussing what might happen next. Could have easily lived without knowing that. I'd give it a 6.

Aruitemo aruitemo: An interesting drama about family ties and it's buried secrets, spiced up with that little touch of Japan. I loved the dialogues and subtle unspoken hints for the audience to wonder about. Solid movie that deserves a 9.

Kunsten å tenke negativt: Absolutely brilliant dark comedy served exactly the way I like them. That northern European humor surely has a very specific appeal and a way to tell the story. Bizarre, funny, entertaining. A definite 10 and a note to myself to get it on DVD.

Liffe is ending today and I'm already looking forward to see the movies I skipped during the festival. Overall impression - quite good =)


ogiddion said...

boy A definitivno zmaga v mojem izboru filmov. največje razočaranje festivala pa v silvijinem mestu.

jotaeater said...

ojej, tut enga filma nisem uspel it gledat letos.

Cherry said...

@Ogiddion - A si si dost filmov ogledala? Morava obvezno na kako kavo/lunch, da mal primerjava zapiske =)

@jotica - takle mamo, ko se pa skos po koncertih vlacis ;)

ogiddion said...

nekaj sem si jih, ne pa vseh, ki bi si jih želela. vsako leto ista scena; pol filmov razprodanih, predno jaz uspem ugotovit kaj in kdaj bi..
drugače pa; you got my number;)

Slončica said...

Fant A (huuud konec) in Umetnost negativnega mišljenja zmagata tudi na mojem seznamu. Na stopničke se je uvrstila še Lakota, daleč najslabši je bil pa Romanca med Astrée in Celadonom. Od tega filma pa steci proč, kar zmorejo podplati. :)