Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rainbow tortillas

How to satisfy six hungry musicians with different food preferences? Definitely a big enough challenge to try out something fresh, new and a bit exotic. Not too much though - grilled insects or tree worms are absolutely too daring for any of us.

So we tried some tortillas instead - small, cute and just a little bit spicy. Since we couldn't borrow "Tortillas for dummies" we just made up our own kind. What to put in?

A lot of Nachos, Parmesan, some random cheese and of course vegetables. It was after-Pride meal so we created our very own vegetable rainbow from:
  • onion,
  • tomatoes,
  • peppers,
  • aubergines,
  • zucchini,
  • corn.
After few minutes wok vegetables were ready to meet fresh tortillas (fresh from the supermarket that is) and our empty stomachs. Yummy!


Devon said...

you little liar!!! what about the chicken? there was chicken in those tortillas!!! don't you be telling people you ever saw me eat something WITHOUT meat in it!!!

Cherry said...

Ok Ok, I admit - there was some chicken in some tortillas, especially yours.

Actually I am not sure if you had any of the vegetables at all?

Well, more left for me ;)

Devon said...

of course I had some veggies... not much (or is it many?! :P ), but I did... eh, who wants veggies, when there's meat on the table (other than you, of course) :P

Cherry said...

Was I on the table? I guess the beer we had before lunch must have been really good.

Next time I'll take two :)

Devon said...

are you mocking me?! :O

kejt said...

se kar pustim povabit - tole zgleda preveč dobro, da se mi ne bi sljjinnne pocedile! 8-P

Cherry said...

@devon: No, I wouldn't do that - I am too afraid of what your wife could do to me ;)

@kejt - there will be more of this for sure. Will let u know so keep it in mind :)