Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lavender bags

One of very useful things my mother has taught never to waste potentially usable materials. And before you ask - no, I am not one of those manic plastic bottles or garbage collectors. Her philosophy on economizing is mostly about re usage of things like old shirts, mops, buttons, cups, pots etc.

So for this occasion we had some domestic lavender fun with old piece of fabric. I guess I was inspired after reading Arto Passilinna's famous "rabbit" book. So this is what I started with


And wrapped it up like this...


I think I'm gonna give them away this x-mas :)


Dajana said...

Vau. Like that.:)

Cherry said...

i know u want one too :)

pina said...

Vav, luštkano. :)
Moji predali so zaradi podobnih "turbo ecology" prebliskov moje mame redno odišavljeni s podobnimi sivkinimi žepki, sama pa molje sicer preganjam z malo drugačno uporabo sivke, ki me jo je naučila "skoraj bodoča" dalmatinska familija. Če mi na morju zmanjka knjig, ti morda kakšno celo prinesem. :)

Cherry said...

jaaaa prinesi, pa malo šeraj to turbo ecology znanje ;)