Sunday, July 22, 2007

(B)ad ideas

I have a secret passion for ads. Not so much to enjoy them really, but more to figure out where the ideas come from. And some of the ideas are simply too deep for me to comprehend so I need to spit them out.

This two have been bugging me for some time and I just couldn't resist not to blog them:

Cigar shop
- in the kingdom of smoke. Now, I don't really know any non/smoker who would find this slogan appealing. Let me see...kingdom of a place to go when you feel you have too much oxygen in your lungs or when you want to feel the meaning of Smoke gets in your eyes? Stinky fetish maybe? Nope, still not convinced.

Insurance company
. Would I really believe a company that advertises "happy patients"? If their insurance is so great, then why would this patient measure the temperature by himself? Can't afford a nurse? Tempting offer indeed. Besides, the silly expression on his face...well, let's just say "Thanks, but no thanks". I am a cranky patient and if I'd ever look like that I wouldn't be smiling for sure. No, I'd expect to get served by a sexy nurse. Make that two.

To be honest I really prefer ads that are not ads. Like this one (my mother is the most beautiful). Says a lot and makes me feel warm. Go no ads!


Saš said...

Just something on that "the kingdom of smoke" tag. it is the smoke that makes smoking so cool and appealing. It's not the taste - smoke is the thing; gently drifting upwards, making swirls and turns and curtains ... that's it.

the complete failure of the "smokeless cigarette" proves that.

Cherry said...

yes it is the smoke, that makes cigarettes sexy, but also your clothes smelly and your eyes stingy ;)

know anyone who likes being in smoky places?