Friday, January 11, 2008

Discount issues?

Nah, not really. After the amount of people I've seen around the stores past few days I think I'd rather listen to Tokio Hotel or see a Steven Seagal movie twice in a row than go shopping for clothes. People are buying winter clothes as if the ice age was approaching. Considering the global warming that could very much be the case, but since thick furry coat didn't seem to work out for the Mammoths I guess it's better to spend that money on something else (God forbid to save anything more than necessary).

Ok, One of the books is for my studies but the other is for pure pleasure.

Nancy Friday's: My Secret Garden is something every women should read at least once in her lifetime. I was lucky to get my hands on it as a teenager. I think the librarian never looked at me the same way after I borrowed it.

Chocolates are from Fair Trade shop in Ljubljana and I have to admit the first one was opened about 5 seconds after I left the store. Yummy!

I did kinda want to avoid chocolate for a while but having decided to finish my studies that's just impossible. I need nuts, I need chocolate, I need lots of tea, some coffee and a sauna. Ok, maybe I don't really need the sauna but it's still very nice. So here's my first book bite and that's not even 25% of stuff I have to read. If you see me talking to myself about some strange theories, that's probably the reason.

So what the hell am I doing here blogging on Friday night instead of grabbing one of those books? Aw fuck it! I'm taking the night off to watch a movie. She probably knows how good that feels.


Truefaith1963 said...

I've bought so many books recently - must read them =(
Cherry please go see the video of The Boothill Foot Tappers on my blog, then tell me you have some of their stuff digitally, or know where to get it! I have one lousy old cassette - can that be made digital???

kejt said...

lovely. :) me pa je spomnilo, da imam na hladilniku z magnetkom pričvrščeno še a little something zate... samo še, da se pozdravim, s takim kašljanjem sem 99% asocialna.

aljazek said...

Kar dober kupček knjig. Malo mi je žal, ker sem se malce oddaljil od branja, predvsem zaradi študija... Takoj ko bom imel več časa, grem brat knjige za psihologijo prvi letnik faksa :D

Lep pozdrav...

Black Betty said...

AAaa tole je tudi reminder za moj konec študiju. Bljak. Rabm eno konkretno spodbudo, če ne celo grožnjo... in ob misli na to mi postane slabo in krči me začnejo grabit. Jej.