Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Take it away, Stephen!

I discovered Stephen Lynch few years ago and developed almost immediate severe addiction. He's a brilliant singer and performer and I never get tired of listening to his songs. They are all so good I couldn't even decide what to publish. I chose two and was really tempted to have three. What the heck, you'll have to Google for more :P

If you haven't seen him yet I strongly recommend you download the whole show, especially if you're black humor fan. He's absolutely worth it. Here's what Irena might call the desert of the day.

Best friends



bežeči norec said...

O, hvala lepa za tole. Se že dol vleče :)

Bilious Pudenda said...

The videos are no longer available.
Perhaps it is the McD's WiFi Firewall filtre here.
It won't let through the word 'sex' but it has no problem with the 'F' or 'C' words. Or 'Thalidomide Stump Suckers'

Cherry said...

bezeci - ooooo dobrodosel :) Btw Lynch ima dve razlicici showa in tista da daljsa z "behind the scenes" zacetkom je fenomenalna.

bilious - No longer available? That's weird. Try youtube search for stephen lynch then.

If you have a "nasty filter" then...I'm pretty sure you will not be able to see Lynch at all - his songs are full of explicit lyrics. Too bad , I'm sure you'd like it

Bilious Pudenda said...

I will research him

Are his lyrics worse than Cherry Bikini?

Cherry said...

Hm Cherry Bikini? I guess I'll have to research too.

In the meanwhile - I'll try to download some Lynch clips and send it to you via email.

Bilious Pudenda said...

Even in my advanced state of chronological decrepitude, I've heard of Cherry Bikini!
Their music is banned all over the world.

bežeči norec said...

hvala za dobrošlico, saj se že nekaj časa potikam po "teh krajih", da bi pa oddal kakšen komentar, pa zmanjka časa ;)

Mislim pa, da mi je celo uspelo dobiti pravo različico, zdaj bo pa pravi podvig si vzeti čas, da pogledam še vse skupaj :)