Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bussiness time

Thank you Jinx for introducing me Flight of the Conchords. New Zealand seems to have a lot to offer apart from being the first country to give women right to vote and filming Xena. Way to go!


Bilious Pudenda said...

NZ also gave us Sir Edmund Hillary.

Xena, Warrior Princess?
She was/is a looker, innit?

Truefaith1963 said...

Don't forget the sheep. And NZ Cheddar cheese.
Yes, I know... shut up and watch the video

urbanapodgana said...

And hobbits and king kong.

Cherry said...

Wiki says that "New Zealand maintains a strong profile on environmental protection, human rights and free trade, particularly in agriculture."

They sound so perfect I'm jealous. Any flops?

MaruĊĦa said...

They so rock!!!
ok, they so " easy listening"!!

Bilious Pudenda said...

NZ also has the highest suicide rate in the first world.

Go figure!

Cherry said...

No way! I thought it was Slovenia :D

I guess we can't have it all ;)

jinx said...

You're welcome. Phoux de fa fa.