Friday, November 9, 2007

Song 4 C.

It's one of those Fridays that doesn't feel like a Friday because of the shitty weather. I need something strong and I need it fast.

Bloc Party to the rescue.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your weekend malaise, but it is 30 degrees and sunny here in The Land Of Smiles, Bangkok, and I am very cheerful!

Cherry said...

lebensborn, u know I hate u right now :P

Do you really live in Berlin otherwise?

Anonymous said...

I is a slimy puck-slapping and maple-eating Canadian otherwise

MaruĊĦa said...

Vampire people ... Sucking on our blood;just what I'm dealing with recently. Gateway: not dealing with them at all;)

"Serenty now!", like Kramer said...


Truefaith1963 said...

Oh Cherry I'll send you some of my Prozac and a "Daylight" lamp!
Isn't the winter the crappiest - forget Season of Mists, I want blue sky and sunshine!!!

Cherry said...

Justin - actually I don't mind the winter. I kinda like it every now and then. Snowballz, ice corns, metal music - I think I miss it a bit.

It's the wannastayinbed mood that I don't like, especially when it's epidemic :)