Sunday, November 11, 2007

Liffe after 1st week

So first week of Ljubljana's international film festival is over. Here is what impressed me most - in a good or a bad way.

The Darjeeling Limited was nice and cute. It's not what you call state of the art movie, but I'd definitely see it again. It's easygoing, fun with interesting story and characters who manage to find what they were looking for in the places, they weren't looking for it at all. It's a fair 8 with special plus to Jason Schwartzman for his co-writing skills and great role. I guess he liked his characters in I heart Huckabees and Spun so much he brought them to another movie. Well done Jason, the screenplay is excellent!

was surprisingly good, considering the topic it was tackling with. No big drama, no suicides or suicide attempts and no Hollywood baggage. Not to mention great directing and photography. The main actress deserves an award for totally owning the role of 15 year old hermaphrodite. I don't think I'd see it again but I still give it an 8.

Delirious was also nice, even though it had a little bit too much of Hollywood taste as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless it had few great dialogs and good directing. I'd give it a 7 and might see it again - it's a great easy movie to light you up but that's all.

Syndroms and century was the crappiest movie I've seen since Odete. Both Jotaeater and me fell asleep during it a couple of times. The story was somehow unconnected and some frames were absolutely too long to make any point at all. Two is more than generous mark for it. I can't believe this movie is competing for an audience award.

Empties is totally different story though - not only I loved the movie, I'd go to see it again immediately. It totally had my attention from the very beginning. Haven't seen such a witty story with great characters and unbelievable charm since Czech Dream and Dark horse. I'd give it straight 10, an award of the audience and best screenplay award. It's absolutely worth it!

2 Days in Paris was refreshing: good and witty dialogs, interesting characters with nice French touch. I loved the story for its slightly political tone, however I felt a bit disappointed as Julie Delpy elegantly avoided the building up of the characters and their final confrontation by explaining it all in an off voice. It was a bit of a let down to rip the audience off what could have been the best scene in the movie when she already proved she's excellent in screenplay writing. It still deserves 8.5 and I'd probably see it again too.

Goodbye Bafana was touching enough to make me cry. It's definitely not an easy Sunday movie, nevertheless it is worth seeing, especially if you life political films. Nelson Mandela's fight for freedom reminds you about true value of things, we take for granted. It also shows how personal experience can change people's values. I'd give it 8.5 .


Truefaith1963 said...

Interesting reviews - You take this very seriously Cherry; you must really love the movies.
Do you like any of Peter Greenaways films?? I love them!

Cherry said...

I love movies, unfortunatelly haven't seen any of Peter Greenaways.

what kind are they?

Truefaith1963 said...


He wrote/directed: Drowning by Numbers; The Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover; The Draughtsmans Contract.....etc

d-mashina said...

packa! darjeeling limited si videla!

Cherry said...

lav ju tu hani :D

pina said...

Cherry, thanks for that!
My MicroTorrent's already busy. :)

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, 'XXY' is often called Klinefelter's. Funny, those who suffer from this 'Syndrome' normally manifest as physiologically 'male'.

Two movies and they are connnected by name.

Now 'Swyers Syndrome' is tres cool. Physiologically female, replete with a functioning uterus capable of bringing an implanted embryo full term (No ovaries though), but genetically male(XY).
A 'female', while in her third trimester, could commit a crime leaving DNA evidence all over the place. The police? They would be looking for a 'male' perpetrator! Great storyline for that Yankee television series: "CSI"

The Guy In Bangkok