Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Because they're worth it

Usability testing results took an interesting turn at New York Times. If you don't know how to make online ads less irritating then at least you can annoy your readers with little banner ads. Make them remember it, so why not make an ad that:
  • appears from nowhere,
  • covers the content you want to read,
  • can't be closed down,
  • makes many annoying little cursors when you try to close it.

What an excellent idea! Maybe we can't make them buy the product but at least we can piss the suckers off. Just a little something for Nielsen to add to his findings.


Truefaith1963 said...

Ads are sooo annoying when they are doing stuff as you try to type, and then you realize that half your typing hasn't registered on the screen.

Anonymous said...

This is where my decision to remain illiterate through out my life has proven to be fortuitous.
That and everything on my browser is in Thai script so it may as well be, well, Thai to me.

urbanapodgana said...

oh, mon dieu, you are in a same line of work as I am.

Cherry said...

I know darling - but we know how to make them usable and less annoying ;)