Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can you smell the snow?

When I think of snow and winter, I somehow associate it with Rammstein. I was surprised to hear many Germans don't like them because they are supposed to be right wing nationalists, only pretending to be left for the popularity.

Honestly, I can't think of any right wing person who'd be able to or would want to pretend to be left for the popularity. It's like vegetarian pretending to like meat just to blend in. Nevertheless, I adore their music and would go to their concert again. They definitely know how to make a good show.


Anonymous said...

I associate winter with Bangkok!
And Aqua's "Barbie Girl" Oh and that Avril embarrassment. Apologies for Celine as well.

Remember, friends don't let friends listen to Avril!

Cherry said...

Omg, Aqua and Avril? That's terrible!

Btw, Avril is even worse in acting than she is in writing lyrics. Have you seen The fast food nation ?

Maruša said...

Well, Laibach had the same problem back in the days, if i remember right ... People just have the need to "label". And when something appears confusing, it leads to silly theories ... There are many things in life "unlableable" (wow, drink 10 beers and spell that out loud right;) ).

"One dich" still rocks my heart and soul!

Anonymous said...

Avril was born and raised not 50 kms from where I live in the Canadas. As a good Canadian, I apologise to you and the world for having foisted Celine, Avril and Shania on y'all.

Have I seen the fast food nation?
I live in it!
I was in Bangkok when Aqua and Avril were very popular - their dross blared from every speaker in the city.
The Thais love to live life loud! Potential goldmine for audiologists in this place!

Cherry said...

@maruša - Did you know laibach is having a concert in the end of the month?

@rhet - in Canadian bacon Canada seemed almost like heaven on earth. Are you trying to say Michael Moore exaggerated (like in his other movies)?

Anyways, You're lucky Thais haven't discovered slovenian turbo folk. I'm sure it can cause internal bleeding and brain damage even if you don't play it too loud ;)

Maruša said...

... Of course i meant: OHNE dich (my german is not THAT awful ...).

Laibach in concert? In Ljubljana? No, i didn't know. And to this day i still didn't go - so i've got a new opportunity ;b

Truefaith1963 said...

Does Avril act??

Cherry said...

Unfortunately she does. Quite badly too.