Saturday, December 22, 2007

Underground in Ljubljana?

You bet! And not just any kind but the best kind. The one that promises wild parties, good music and Saturday night fever.

Today is official opening of Subsub, a club that could bring back the glory of good old days when you didn't have to cruise through all the city to find a club that played acceptable music for reasonable price and wasn't crowded with high school kids.

Today they'll treat us with some hot Dubstep grooves which should satisfy the biggest hunger for beats.

Going downtown?


Anonymous said...

I have a hunger for beets too.
I just love pickled beets - mind the purple/red juice wreaks havoc with a white T-Shirt.
Eat them naked I say!

"...Saturday night fever...."

Pleae no, I went through puberty in that era and it weren't pretty!

pina said...

Vau, že dva nova lokala, ki ju moram obiskat med svojimi slo. počitnicami. kul ...