Sunday, December 16, 2007


Merry December at its best. I've hardly recovered from yesterday's party (which turned out great) and already I am looking forward to another one.

It's happening this Friday, 21st December at MKC Medvode. We start at 20:00 with an artistic video performance from Zvonka Simčič which will be followed by concert of Uluru, who promise to show us the dark side of the spoon.

Afterwards there'll be some quality party time where Djane Sladka and me will treat you with delicious indie, funky and electronic tunes. I suppose Joy Division, Bloc Party, Editors, Depeche mode, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys will be perfect for an appetizer. Wonder what main course will look like? Well come and join us then.

No entrance fee, lots of booze.

How to get there


Anonymous said...

Will there be opportunity to play Charades?

Movie -

Three words -

First word - two syllables......

kejt said...

velja pripomniti, da ulurujevska temna stran žlice ni enaka tisti, na katero so mislili pri ministry. da ne bo pomote ;)

btw, charades is a nice idea, we could have a go with it.

kejt said...

aja, še to: v četrtek sem videla zvonkin video in je zeeeelooo kul!!

Truefaith1963 said...

bilious - is it Drowning by Numbers?

Cherry - Party like a rockstar

Kejt - its all Greek to me

Cherry said...

@bilious - as far as I know there are two games people like to play during Merry December:
- What's my name
- Who's that girl

@kejt - Upam, da bi znese priti dovolj zgodaj na scene of the crime, da si ga bom tudi sama ogledala. Sicer pa komaj čakam...

@justin - I wonder if rockstars need two days to recover too?

Anonymous said...

Well, we here in the Canada's like to play "Hide The Bratwurst"

Who's That Girl?
Do we get to use our 'Anatomy By Braille' skills?

Truefaith1963 said...

"hide the sausage" is also an English game!! In fact, its probably universal. LOL!