Monday, December 10, 2007

Beer, chocolate and disorder

This weekend I visited the country of beer, chocolate and ...well, apparently also anarchy. Belgium has put an end to the "Belgium consensus" by being unable to establish government since their elections in June. The division of the country and the distribution of social welfare seems to be the problem and Belgium's who want to keep it as it is show their support by hanging the flag.

But enough about the government, Brussels is an excellent place for shopping. Please note that shopping wasn't one of my original plans but my friend made it almost impossible to avoid. After warning him I might need some control in Ikea, he'd instantly put my mind at ease: "Don't worry about not being able to bring back stuff you buy 'cause I'm coming to Ljubljana in two weeks and I can bring it to you then."

Well, that's not really the control I had in mind but why argue, the shopping master has spoken. Too many stores had my name written all over them and I'm lucky to have left my credit card at home. We had to stop for a bio snack to be able to continue the shopping adventure.

The only disappointment was to discover there are no lesbian bar in Brussels. Outrageous! The only one that was mentioned was open on Wednesdays. Party on Wednesday? But seriously. Nevertheless I had great time and will go back for sure. After all they do have about 300 hundred brands of beer I haven't tried out yet ;)

Morning view from the balcony

Evening view from the balcony

My bed for the weekend

Next stop: Berlin.


Dinozaver said...

I'm sure you slept like a baby with that Ikea lamp standing by... :)
The "snack" looks dreadful. Stick with the beer.

pina said...

aaaaaa fouš, fouš, fouš!

Truefaith1963 said...

When are you visiting Ireland??

Cherry said...

dino - not only that i bought myself one too. Shame on me supporting children labour :P

@pina- me2

@Justin - I'm actually planning to visit my friends in Belfast sometime next year, not sure when though...

Truefaith1963 said...

No, no, no, no, no
Wrong end of the country!!
I meant The Republic!!! (3 expanlation points)

jotaeater said...

uuuu vidim, da si se mela luštn!

urbanapodgana said...

isn't brusseles the most boring city on planet?

Truefaith1963 said...

Cherry - PLEASE tell me what programme to run Control on - I can't get it to load on ANYTHING!!!

Cherry said...

@justin -I dunno really. have to get into the country for starters and will figure it out from there on. Try watching the movie in WIN DVD player or some other dvd player. Even Windows media classis or nero should do.

@jota - pasalo je =)

@podganca - No, actually that would be my hometown. Brussels is quite ok, but of course it's nothing like Berlin.

Maruša said...

And i agree with dinozaver - about the "snack" and the "beer" thing ;)
Besides, beer IS food as well!

You didn't bring me any chocolate though ... :(


Cherry said...

Snacks might look dreadful but were in fact extremely tasty.

As it is for chocolate - you can't leave me with chocolate and expect it won't dissapear ;)