Monday, December 3, 2007


Betty thinks I'm obsessed but Jota and me know it's only passion. I'm seriously considering playing the Killers version of Shadowplay on quite commercially orientated party next weekend. I can already see the grumpy man freaking out and asking for another DJ.

Still I'm quite tempted. Should I?


jotaeater said...

itaaaak :))

Truefaith1963 said...

I think you should play safe and put on some Michael Jackson - bahaha - Billiejean is not my girl etc

Truefaith1963 said...

Forgot to say


Cherry said...

hehe jota, se mi je kar zdelo da boš za :)

Justin - Sadly they would love Michael Jackson for sure :). Thanx

Truefaith1963 said...

Hej I put the video to True Faith on my blog - its a cracker GO SEE!!
Ooo and please find out who the director was coz I can't remember

Cherry said...

The Direcor of the movie?

It was Anton Corbijn, the famous photographer who also did videos for U2 and Depeche mode. This was his first film.

Truefaith1963 said...

Sorry!! I meant the video to True Faith - it was Philippe Decouflé I had to look it up!

Maruša said...

My modest opinion:

One simple reason:
they're not worth it ;)


Anonymous said...

Jota thinks I'm obsessed with Betty.
I'm not.
Be careful, girlfriend.
We are alike and I can resist anything except temptation.