Friday, June 29, 2007

Lucky seven

I got an invitation I couldn't resist. Twice actually - hope it doesn't get into my head. I am not sure who was the first initiator of this blog chain, since it is now all over the web. I really prefer blog chains to email or mobile chains since they are much less annoying. Seven angels? But seriously.

Here is seven truths about myself:
  1. I am addicted to music, whether listening, playing or dancing to it. It is my stress relief, pain killer and therapy at the same time. I love everything from rock to metal but have some difficulties in listening Slovenian popular music. Turbo folk is pretty much the only no-way for me.

  2. Although I absolutely adore animals they don't seem to always feel the same way about me. As a child I was attacked by cocks and turkeys. Maybe that's why I went vegetarian ;) But didn't stop there, o no. I was bitten IN MY LIPS by a cute little dog on my final trip of the faculty. Got five stitches and my lips looked like Pamela Anderson's for few days. Advice: don't go around petting or kissing random dogs while being drunk - they don't appreciate it.

  3. I talk in my sleep.

  4. I am a total book worm and books remain my first love of all times. Spent half of my childhood in libraries and seriously considered working in one too. The only problem is you don't get to read a lot while working in the library. Even though my study books are patiently waiting for me I always take time to read some fiction. My favorite fiction reader would definitely be Douglas Adams. He was a genius.

  5. I don't comb my hair. I consider it to be a loss of time.

  6. I don't wear high heels. I finished that period after my High school together with bad 80's fashion trends. Once you switch to dr. Martens...Well, you just don't go back.

  7. Once I almost wasn't allowed to go on the plane because of my new vibrator. It was in my hand luggage and obviously not very innocent looking piece too. The "officer lady" examined it carefully and decided it probably can't cause much pain or damage so she let me in. I seriously suspected she actually liked it and just wanted to check the brand. Well I still have it and it works. Works great actually.
But enough about me, let's talk about you now :) I'd like to see these seven people to continue the chain and write 7 random truths about themselves:


alcessa said...

Nice sevens :-)

You have chosen some bloggers that have already fulfilled their "duty" (Position Female, Miss Nymphee) or promised to do so, maybe (Centrifuga)...

But: Don't panic. Where's your towel? :-D

miss.nymphee said...

Cherry on the top, I've already done that like ages ago. :P

And since we have cocks and turkeys in common I might have a clue who is hiding behind that shiny red surface. If I'm right - glad to have you back. ;)

miss.nymphee said...

Alcessa, stop following me! :P

Cherry said...

I knew I should spend more time reading blogs....

Well, a day of a person with too many hobbies is never long enough I guess..

My towel is always ready for me and just in case I occasionally drink beer to be prepared for Hitchhiking through Galaxy.

And yes, chickens still freak me out :)

Black Betty said...

Oh fukc, why meee? Do I really have to? :P

Cherry said...

it's a must ;)

alcessa said...

Oh, OK: Miss Nymphee HASN'T done her Sevens and I never read or comment on her blog.

(now there, little girl, are you still afraid of the Big Bad Moose? Don't be)

Position Female said...

Hvala, tukaj.

pina said...

Evo, izpolnila svojo blogersko dolžnost.
Sicer pa: točke 1, 2, 4 in 5 so popolnoma enake pri meni.
1. (vedno bolj) prebavljam turbo folk
2. pri živalih so usodni labodi (don't ask)

Cherry said...

Pina -turbofolk? Me prav skrbi zate, kaj boš privlekla nazaj iz Turčije ;)

Labodi spuščajo naravnost scary zvoke . creepy

pina said...

Eh, kulturološko raziskovanje z udeležbo v Tramontani je pustilo posledice :)

Labodi pa ne spuščajo samo creepy soundov, ampak so tudi sicer skrajno creepy. Na Bledu me je eden ob bolj odtrganih primerkov ganjal po celem jezeru. Jaz sem živčno mahala "na kužka", labod pa za mano. Da ne govorim o tem, da me je totalno obkljuval.

Cherry said...