Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hooked on reality

Now generally I don't enjoy watching reality shows and try to avoid them if only possible, It shouldn't be too difficult anyway since I don't even have a TV).

By now I managed to avoid both seasons of Bar (allright, I admit i saw 3 episodes of the first season) and Big brother. But got totally hooked on American next topmodel.

How on earth could that ever happen since:
  • I could care less about latest fashion trends,
  • I don't care about super models,
  • I don't really like Tyra Banks.
How about because of illegally cute Kim Stolz. She's absolutely gorgeous even though she doesn't win the 5th season. I'd vote her back in any time.

And YES, I do bug people on Saturdays to let me see few more episodes. Goddamn reality shows really get you hooked....

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