Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy pizza

One of the essential ingredients of every successful meal is good mood. Anyone who ever tried cooking know dishes taste better if you're not cranky or in a hurry when cooking. Since we don't have any good mood button (which would be handy indeed), the buttons on your recorder will do the trick. For starters pick something romantic and easy going or just put your favorite song on repeat, turn up the volume and you're ready for cooking.

Step 1: Dough
Put flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Usually I take some plain and some wholewheat flour or mix few types together. Warm up 1/2 deciliters of milk (warm not hot), put a teaspoon of sugar in it and half of fresh yeast. Stir it up with spoon until the yeast melts and pour it into the flour. Cover with napkin and leave for 15 minutes (possibly on a warm place).

After 15 minutes it's time to change your record as you will need a song with explicitly positive vibrations. If you're having hard time to choose, I recommend some reggae music - you can never go wrong with that.

Add half teaspoon of salt and 2 spoons of olive oil, some warm water and stir the batter until you get dough. If necessary add more flour and leave to rinse for another 15-30 minutes. Then make dough gently with your hands and add flour/warm water if necessary. Pizza will be much more fluffy, yummy and soft if you don't use the machine for making dough. Roll out the dough into pizza shape. You can use rolling pin for that or drag the dough using your hands (for those more experienced).

Step 2: Pizza making

Put some ketchup or tomato sauce on top of the dough and add vegetables. This time I used corn, fresh mushrooms and zucchini. However also tomatoes, peppers or aubergines are quite delicious. When you've decorated your pizza, add cheese (mozzarella, gauda, other) and spices (oregano, basilica).

Step 3: Baking

Bake pizza for 15 minutes at 200oC. Yup, as simple as that. I assure you your happy pizza will be the most delicious pizza you've tried. Bon apetit!


petra said...

oh...girl... bi se poročila z mano?:P :)))) nič ne pomaga da se spravim k kuhanju....ali pa sploh k štedilniku.....nein danke...not for me.;) Mislimd aje moja mami poskusila že vse prijeme...heheh....there's no help for me.
sam ni pa še probala da bi v kuhinjo postavla kako čedno punco...khmmm...must try that one day...hehehe.
aja...kdaj povabiš na pokušino?:P :))

Cherry said...

hehehe, pa res gre ljubezen skozi želodec ;)

Ljubezen do kuhanja pride z leti, trust me ;) Nikoli pa ni odveč kakšna luštna kuharica za vabo.

Le namigni mami, ja :). Pokušina bo, predvidoma enkrat do novega leta

petra said...

"pa res gre ljubezen skozi želodec"...ja ddddd ;)

No kar se tiče tistega, da bi namignila moji mami...khmm...mislim, da potem ne bi ostale pri kuhanju...ampak bi imeli doma kakšen hud food fight ;) vrjetno bi fotr rabil kakšno extra veliko, čvrsto leseno žlico...hehe....

no...čakam na vabilo na pokušino;)...da vidim če je spljoh užitno;))

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... Js bi tud, js bi tud... :) Jo bom spekla po tvojih navodilih v soboto... Bere se njamski...



Cherry said...

@petra - seveda je užitno. A se ne vidi na sliki? Ne samo to, užitno je tut naslednji dan, ko je postano in mrzlo :P

@Lotos - obvezno javi rezultate in ne pozabi na muziko :)

jotaeater said...

ni kaj, za ožent ;) btw. The Cure so februarja na Dunaju!

Cherry said...


gimme gimme gimme gimme, wanna go!!!!