Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog action day

I have a thing for plants. Being able to produce everything they need (apart from water and soil) they really are self-sufficient. Our romance started on one of those spontaneous and wild student getaways that finish at the seaside around 3 a.m. Sitting on a beach with my friends, finishing a bottle of cheap wine I got one of my unexplainable urges - to hug a tree. So I did. She knows how good that feels and yes, I still do it.

My first "serious" ecological encounters were somehow connected to moving to new apartments, a genuine nightmare of every person who has to rent. It is only then when I noticed how much stuff I managed to accumulate in a year or so. Not to mention most of it was useless decoration and things you keep for the memories sake. So I started to fight my nesting habit by trying to reuse the garbage I couldn't give up. Turbo-ecology full time. My next encounter will include a make over of an old closet. Simply irresistible.

Not only I had a lot of fun making new things out of old ones, it also saved me money for presents, boosted my imagination and reduced the Ikea moment. That's the moment when you realize half of your your friends have exactly the same furniture/clothes/shoes/... as you. Just lovely isn't it?.

I'm not sure when it happened, but today I strangely drawn towards sustainable development. I even changed my mind about wanting SUV as my dream car. I admit seeing lovely Greenpeace commercial bellow helped a lot. I need nature and its goods to relax and enjoy myself so I guess it's fair to give something back. Respect is a good way to start.

Reading about eco towns actually got me thinking about living in some kind of ecological house. After all natural resources offer plenty of opportunities for creative minds, the most eager ones can even turn food into fuel. The pleasure of having your own ecological energy source and growing organic food is not only sustainable, but also means paying less to the System. Now that's a skill for life ;)

I'm glad Blog action day is about environment, even if only for the hype reasons. It is the thought that counts.


kejt said...

ta greenpeacov spot je zakon!

Truefaith1963 said...

You are full of surprises!
I like the phrase IKEA moment very much.