Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Growing up sucks unless you break some rules

Growing up brings quite a some advantages to person's life. One of them is being able to do things your parents told you not to. Like sticking fingers up your nose, playing with food and talking to strangers. Especially the last one proved to be pretty much inevitable once I started blogging. It also turned out to be quite therapeutic. Lost you already? Good.

After my concert/festival abstinence I had a bit of crisis. Especially after reading people's reports on Sziget, Frequency and Exit festivals. I missed the camping, the festival atmosphere, discovering the new bands and the crowds under stage. It almost felt like a disease and I had the goddamn itch every time someone would mention anything remotely connected to live music.

While browsing through blogs I ran into Jotaeater's reports on all the events I wanted to see. Couldn't help leaving few comments on how jealous I was on them especially because of Interpol. The result was quite surprising. They're going to see them again in November and just happen to have an extra place in their car. Needless to say the car is full now and I'm thrilled.

Talking to strangers might not get you far but I can certainly get you to a rock concert ;)


petra said...

hehehe.....full dobr:)))) What else can I say;)))

Doriana said...

o, torej smo mi, ki gremo skupaj. Strangers in the night...js tud spoznala jotaeaterja na myspacu in zdaj, se vidimo!:)

Cherry said...

kok je ta svet majhen, četudi virtualen ;)

jotaeater said...

I'm also thrilled, komi čakam da gremo! :)