Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Adding insult to injury

Add n to X
This piece is my mental preparation for Saturdays Party. Excellent British band Add N to (X) was introduced to me by DJ Sladka for which I am still very thankful. Their name was supposedly taken from a computer program command that creates an unknown electronic third force.

Photo source: Mute records

Vintage synthesizers
have been ever so popular since 80's and the band certainly mastered their sounds. It probably helped having a producer as a band member.

I got quite excited about their album Add insult to injury and about their slightly obscene and sexy videos. The most famous video "Plug me in" would feature porn actress playing with sex toys. Unfortunately they split up. Barry Smith, Ann Shenton and Steven Claydon went pursuing their individual careers. Too bad for their fans and Mute records.

Metal fingers in my body is one of my favourite singles and a track from their third album Avant hard. The video is quite interesting too.

Enjoy it:


nekje drugje said...

They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. And the dirtiest little movers.

Cherry said...

I couldn't agree more!

Too bad though all good bands eventually come to an end.

I guess that's why I'm want to visit concerts of all of my favorite ones.

You never know...

kejt said...

uhh dobra. :) nisem prej poznala tega spota.

Black Betty said...

L.O.L. ker spot, čeprav mi muska ni ne vem kako hudo všeč. ampak bom še enkrat poslušala/gledala ;). ;)

jotaeater said...

jest bom tut še enkrat poslušal/gledal, prvič sploh muske slišal nisem ;)