Friday, September 7, 2007

Facebook obsession upgrade?

I have already written about Facebook obsession and my second thoughts about having a profile there. Since then I got even more interested in Facebook phenomenon and found out some interesting facts. First of all, supposedly whole idea about it was stolen.

Secondly - they are going public. Yap, you heard right, your profiles will be visible to every single creature that know how to google. Including information about your friends, family, lovers, vacation, job etc. I guess Andy Warhol was right, everyone's gonna have their 5 minutes of fame. Even your hamster.

I can understand some employers find it redundant and are banning its use, while some other think it it's appropriate to use it in your workplace, but only for business matter.

Regardless all dilemmas, Facebook is gaining power in real life, thanks to their extremely interesting copyright and privacy policy. Students successfully used it as an argument to win case against bank. In case you have doubts about its outreach, there is a little treat for all of you who love conspiracy theories.

Turn on your speakers and enjoy it. :)

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