Friday, April 12, 2013

About vegans...

I have a problem with some of them. I truly do. Not because of their philosophy but because of their attitude. Being vegetarian myself for 18 years and pesceterian for the last few I know it alignes you with a certain stereotype, even if I don't eat meat simply because I don't like it. During this years I've gotten a lot of sh*t, mostly from meat eaters, trying to question my lifestyle even if my lifestyle is simple: eat what you like. I don't think my lifestyle is the best one and I don't try to promote it by convincing others to follow it.

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It became even worse when I was eating fish, because then also some vegetarians joined the grilling. I understand, it's not just a choice, it's an identity and it needs to be protected. But does it have to be imposed? After all, it's not a sect. I think everyone knows best what's good for them. Sure, some people don't live very healthy but in this day and age of information, one cannot assume this is so due to lack of information. I'd guess it's mostly because of insufficient financial conditions but can be also many other reasons. The bottom line is, there's a big difference between sharing information about health/food and stuffing that information down someone's throat.

Now to be fair, I have met vegans that are happy with their lifestyle and aren't trying to "educate" you or show you the right way.  But most of others has tred to teach everyone else by using rather agressive means of persuasion and almost implying every not-vegan person is nothing but a plain animal killer/hater or at least someone that doesn't care about their health. It's either by making 'casual' half-accusing righteous comments when non-vegan things are mentioned or engaging in a ferocious discussion about veganism, onine and offline, with friends and strangers. And I don't mean argument based dialogue, but rather angry convincing escapade, disguised in education. It's all about taking responsibility and saving animals.

I understand all the problems with mass production of meat, how it effects environment and people's health. But there are many ways on how to tackle with this and veganism is only one of them and in my opinion also not the best one. To be fair- veganism is middle class/bourgeois life style because it's expensive. Working class and poor people can't afford to buy expensive supplements, they can mostly afford industrial meat and occasionally meat from organic farms. Some people, who can afford to take a stand on this, choose to eat only meat from small farmers and food is bio, eco, organic etc. But not everyone can afford this. Hoewever everyone should be able to decide for themselves what is the best way for him/her.

Besides this there are also consequences of increasing popularity of veganism: prices of basic foods, rich in protein (e.g- quinoa) are rising in their countries of origin (e.g.Bolivia), causing the poor people like farmers (who lived on it for centuries) to starve, because they can't afford it anymore. So basically the healthy lifestyle of the West has consequences for poorest people in developing countries. But Veganism isn't primarily concerned with people, it's concerned with animals.

Now I have vegan friends of both types (maybe after they read this I will have to use past tense). Some are really sweet and don't bring veganism up every time you eat or mention food but some are just as eager about educating me as they are about veganism. And unfortunately the stupid veganism is affecting our friendship. Of course I'm not against veganism, I like some of vegan food, just not enough to live on it. I choose not to be vegan and want others to respect that choice and give me enough credit to be able make it. After all, I will be the one responsible for its consequences and if I can live with it, the others will have to too.
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