Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping in Berlin

Most of my friends who come to visit aks me where can they buy something "typical Berlin". And they don't mean endless lnumber of Ampelmann products or I love Berlin T- shirts. So if you had different kinda shopping in mind, you might wanna pop into one of these stores:

Kleidungschmuck (Skalitzer Str. 82): is a sweet little shop with clothes, made by young designers. Of course the clothes are a bit more expensive than in H&M, but at least you'll be sure that they're not powered by delicate children handfcrafts. You'll find mixture of clothes from street chic to elegant sporty stuff. The shop is also a bike rental.

Dazu shop is selling designer "ich" bags that resemble Freitag bags (very popular in BLN). They cost from 30 to 100 EUR and are creatively decorated, sometimes also with recycled materials e.g. bike tires. Definitely something that says Berlin.

Zozoville (Mainzer Str. 12) is like a candyshop for fans of bizzarre contemporary art. You can buy beautiful artwork of artists Johan Potma and Mateo. Of course if you're like me, i.e. far from being ritch, you will get your friends one of the posters, not the paintings. They are beautifully obscure.

Freakout (Gr├╝nberger Str. 63) is a cute shop with everything from clothes to vintage bags, kitchy souvenir and funky glasses. If you're looking for small and not too expensive gifts, that's your store. It's packed with things that scream Berlin without actually spelling it.

Zierstiche (Gabriel-Max Str. 14) is selling lovely little monsters in different shapes. You'll also find some clothes for children, jewlery, toys, pois, bags buttons and thingies you put on your eyes to sleep during the day (Sleepgoggles?). All things are hand made and incredibly cute.

There is also a fair number of cool shops in Boxhagener Str. and Kopernikussstrasse. In case you're not really sure what you want and how much you wanna spend, go to one of the Berlin fleamarkets on Sunday e.g. one at Boxhagener Platz, the big one in Mauerpark or the occasional one in Neuk├Âlln. That should fix any shopping spree.

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