Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miss U-bahn

An excellent idea, creative minds and love for fashion resulted in Miss U-bahn contest, one of those slightly crazy but typical Berlin events. The concept was that designers capture the spirit of their designated U-bahn station in their creations and compete for the title of Miss U-bahn.

Besides creative ideas we also found out interesting historical details about actual U-bahn stations. I have to say that all the contestants showed lots of talent and sense of humour.
     Miss Alexanderplatz:
    Miss Rosenthaler Platz:
    Miss Merhingdamm:
    Miss Schlesisches Tor:
    Miss Kottbusser Tor:
    Miss Warschauerstrasse:
    Miss Potsdamer Platz:
    Miss Zoologische Garten:
    Miss Potsdamerplatz became the new Miss U-bahn 2010. I have to say Miss Warschauerstrasse won my heart by answering the final round with: "Can I at least get a fucking beer if I answer?" Also Miss Rosenthaler Platz was extremely good in the talent round with her ghost performance (during the Berlin Wall times this station was not functioning and was kinda ghost station). Maybe they have more chances next year?
    P.S. Thank u JinX for the tip about the event.


    Anonymous said...

    I also thought it was a cool show and idea.
    Though, i must say that the organization was a bit odd and the jury members weren't very good.
    Extremely good performance and design of Missss Rosenthaler Platz. She won my heart.

    Cherry said...

    Yes, I loved her too! Will defintely check it again next year.

    smoofy said...

    Great article!

    Cherry said...

    thnx smoofy!