Sunday, August 8, 2010

Radio Dept. - Swedish indie with a style

I like discovering new band by checking upcoming concerts and listening to the songs on youtube. In this way I discovered Local Natives, a band that quickly became one of my new favorites.

So last week I Radio Dept. came on my indie radars. They are an indie band from Sweden (Lundt), that exists for 15 years. So far they've released 3 albums and I have to say, I really like the music they play. Not only they sound extremely well, their songs are also political.

The concert was like a balsam for every indie fan. Soft indie electro was extending from chillout to dancy rhythms. By a coincidence my friend and me met a part of the band after the concert.  Interesting coversatoins about music, politics and life pretty much convinced me they really have something important to say.

In case you wanna hear - I recorded this video at the concert.

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