Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brussels public transport - masochists paradise

Living in Brussels and having to use the public transport every day makes me wonder. Mostly whether the people who invented reality shows based on survival got the idea from spending a week using Brussels public transport. Sadly "driving a sack of potatoes" attitude is actually the least annoying one.

First painful realisation is that Brussels doesn't actually have the  underground, despite all the signs indicating it. What Brussels has is trams pretending to be metros and buses occasionally posing as trams. 

There's many different kinds of problems and technical ones vary from big screens, telling you how often any mean of transport will make its appearance at the station but not also which one and when exactly. Trams are very often equipped with modern displays used to show the final destination or in case of buses, the commercial for the company logo. The ones that display actual stations and time are said to be experimental. Even the official map gives up at some point and stops showing names of stops. I guess if you got that far, you'll probably be OK in any case.

If you manage to catch the late tram/bus and at therefore don't have to resolve the occurring mystery of where and when the night buses drive and where to, you should consider yourself to be very lucky. The worst thing that can happen now is the tram will change its mind just before the last station and change the direction after short announcement in French. The display will however continue showing the actual destination where tram will of course not go.

But things go also the other way around and busses occasionally show other direction than the one they are actually going to. Which is confusing mostly for non-natives who don't know that the drivers failed attempt to push the button will now take another 2 - 3 hours of their life.

So what's the alternative? Cycling in Brussels unfortunately classifies as suicide attempt and walking is a bit too optimistic for such distances. I'm currently thinking of either learning to fly or getting a horse. What's your solution?

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Slovenia says yes to pedophilia and misogyny..

...but only if done by priests. In this case also sexual harassment will pass, probably along with almost anything else.

At least this are the conclusions drawn from the Slovenian High Court decision in the case the priest Slavko Å tefko who was touching several female minors on different occasions and different body party, including their genitals. He was already found guilty on the first level but the appealed and was despite witnesses of harassment and experts opinion now magically found not guilty due to lack of evidence. Their bright conclusion was that the touches weren't of sexual nature.

I see. So if I randomly go an grab someone's crutch, ass or any other body parts this is actually an act of affection, friendship and appreciation? I suppose in this case black eyes, rape and murder are then the ultimate proof of love.

This is simply way beyond sick.