Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Villagers & Here we go magic in Berlin

Checking out new indie bands became my new summer sport (apart from repairing my bike). This time I bought tickets for Here we go Magic, indie band from New York. It is fair to say the band is not inventing new kind of music, nevertheless it is performing a crossover indie extremely well. Untamed raw guitare sounds are sometimes very soft and gentle and the other times hardcore, almost old school rock like. So yes, definitely 12 EUR well spent.

But this time something quite strage happened. It was not the main band that impressed me so much, but their support act - The Villagers. Actually it was only the frontmen Conor J. O'Brien performing but OMG, what a voice! Clear, strong and melanholic in that indie kinda way, topped up with quality lyrics that left me speachless. Apparently he described his lyrics as:
"transcendental darkness and the weirdness...Dark imagery or feelings alongside really mundane domestic everyday things".

Yes, I bought the CD and yes, will definitely go and see the next show. I think the music did for me what John Mayer did for some of my female friends. However, I do think Conor O'Brien is entirely different story than John Mayer and probably less of a cunt too :)
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kat. said...

Here We Go Magic bi definitivno hotla videt v živo, ampak smukajo se samo po severu Evrope....