Friday, June 18, 2010

About Slovenian national sports

This is not about football. The closest I got to World cup is listening to honking horns and drunken yelling from the streets while getting a serious flag overdose.

No, it's about the sports that Slovenians are learning and practising from the very early age: complaining and criticizing. Yup, that's right. We are the world champions in nagging, bitching, exaggerating, searching for loopholes and mistakes and many other similar disciplines. So many olympic medals just waiting to happen.

Have a good news? Don't worry, we can turn it into a bad one in no time. And smash any ideals or hope you might have had while we're at it. See a nice opportunity? No problem - in a blink of an eye it will become a scandal, maybe even an international conflict. Nothing interesting to say? Just criticize the first object/person/news/thing you see. It'll make you feel much better and more important.

If you want to compete with us, there's important lesson you have to learn. Remember that there are no challenges. There are only obstacles that prevent you from actually doing something.


kat. said...

dobra, hvala ti.

Petra said...

Profiči smo, kar se tega tiče. In na vaseh se nevzdržno razmnožujejo - dobesedno. :/
In, ja točno kot si napisala, če imaš dobro novico, npr. ponudbo za službo, ki je več km oddaljena od doma ... kako pa boš šla, nimaš avta, kolk denarja boš dala za bencin, a se ti sploh splača ... Jebemti. A me je kdo vprašal koliko si to želim?
In poznam kr nekaj takih (z enim zaenkrat še vedno živim pod isto streho), ki imajo še vedno neizpoljene želje, ravno zaradi tega. Ker preveč negativno razmišljajo in preveč predvidevajo, se podrejajo strahu, in tak vzorec razmišljanja širijo naprej. In mi se bojimo vseh žnj vrst grip?