Monday, July 19, 2010

I want my money back!

Dear Jack & Jones,

Less than two months ago I bought my first pair of Jack & Jones jeans. Unfortunately it will be also the last one. It has one of those "washed out" looks and I appreciate the thoroughness of "looks old" style, but I really didn't expect it to also act old.

Now, jeans and me have a long and loving history which is why I like to buy it in the range from "not cheap" to "rather expensive". And of course there are things I do and don't expect from it: I don't expect it to turn into a unicorn or write my articles, but I do expect it to last longer than two months! My almost new pair od Jack & Jones now looks worse than my 5 years old pair of Levi's. See for yourself:

If I wear them every day they should last at least 1 year. I know you probably spend a lots of time researching the habits of your target groups and yes, latest studies do show that young people spend a lot of time online. However that is not all we are doing.

I expect the stitches to be strong enough to survive random activities like riding a bike, catching a bus and occasional partying. Would be nice to know that clothes for young people are not made only for sitting in bars.

I think I'm being quite reasonable about my expectations. You see...I already have many pairs of old jeans that are falling apart. This is actually the reason why I bought new ones. 

yours sincerely...
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Ailish said...

I have a pair of jeans I bought for €9 about three years ago.. that have lasted about three years. Sure, they're not the same shade of dark navy.. More a light blue. But still, they do the job.

jaKa said...

it's called smart clothing: your pair of jeans is only attempting to toe in the footsteps of current trends ...

Cherry said...

@Ailish: My point exactly. Naively enough I though buying a bit more expensive pair will ensure quality. Apparently I was wrong.

@jaKa: :)